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Paris and England Trip (20/6/2013-2/7/2013) – Part 7

August 6th, 2013 · 2 Surrendered

So many photos from two cameras, there’s three cameras all together but do not have photos from the third camera.

Anyway, continue with the post of 24/6/2013.

After Musée du Louvre, we took the metro to another destination. This is one interesting station. Alphabets on tiles, we had fun trying to find words from the tiles while waiting.

Left: The typical cafe you can find in Paris. Too bad, there’s no way for me to enjoy it. We’re always on the go and was not with the right travel companions for this thing.

Right: Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre was our next destination. This is the location where the metro station was different. So many staircases and it took us quite awhile to get out of it. Usually it’s just one flight of stairs but this one went spiraling, don’t have the photo with me. Many tourists including us weren’t prepared for it. It was rather funny. Anyway, This area was also where we went souvenirs shopping spree before going to this building.

Finally we’re up there! Beware of this place while you are on the way going up/down. There’s two options, you can either walk up or take the elevator-like thing up where you need to use a new metro ticket for it. We went up with the elevator and walked down.

Many black youngsters will try to ask you to show your hand to them or just blatantly grab your hand then will tie a string on your wrist, after that demand you to pay for it, there is no way you can reject once they managed to tie the string on you. No joke! They are aggressive and at the same time you might get pickpocket. They are bunch of bastards! We just kept our hand inside our pockets and didn’t respond to them to avoid giving them the chance but my bro was caught by surprise because he didn’t know, wasn’t in time to warn him. Luckily he managed to pull his hand away. They are very forceful. Damn! They just ruined the place to the max! Be sure to stay alert at all time!

Also, one thing to bear in mind, NO PHOTOGRAPHY in the church! You’ll get scolded. Many tourists got scolded very loudly! Don’t even try to sneak a shoot with your phone, not allowed at all!

View of great but the bad people there sure ruin the whole experience.

Left: Another couple coming here for pre-wedding photo shoot. My goodness! The driver was good! He managed to squeezed the Audi(the black car on the right) into a very cramp space.

Right: A stunt that a guy did on the pillar. Beware! This is meant to distract you so that thieves can steal your things. We didn’t know that time. Luckily didn’t become one of the victims. I only knew about this when I am composing this post as I need some information online to complete this post.

After this place, we walked around the area again to discover more shops.

All chocolates, sweets, cookies and more! Bought more macarons here. Don’t remember how much and the shop’s name but it’s cheaper than buying those already packed ones (with boxes or nice packaging) in the shop.

Another shops selling cookies and sweets. Didn’t buy anything though. After that, we headed back to our apartment.

Left: McD’s macarons and the one we bought just now. See the sizes? McD’s has standard size but the one we bought from the shop wasn’t standard, big and small, and it failed big time! I tried rose, mint, chocolate, peanut, butterscotch, and orange. Couldn’t figure out some of the other flavours. It’s macarons days for us! *LOL* Even had it for breakfast the next day.

Right: Time to discover the area were we’re staying.

Lots of eateries there! Food galore!

We decided to have our dinner here at L’Atlantide (4 rue du pot de fer 75005 Paris). The 3-course meal cost EUR12. Original price was EUR14 but they offered us EUR12. Too much competitions. Were served with complimentary bread.

Left: Starter: Escargot, first time having it. Not bad.
Right: Starter: Onion soup, hmmm… Very salty -.-”

Left: Starter: Fish soup, there’s cheese and sour cream there. It tasted a bit odd. The texture was like Penang assam laksa but without the assam. We pretended the cheese was the laksa *LOL* It tasted slightly better after adding in the cheese and the cream.

Right: Main: Bourguignon beef (beef Burgundy) with potatoes, presentation wise was -.-” taste wise? I don’t remember, let’s just say that it’s edible but not great.

Left: Main: Turkey with mushroom sauce, so-so only.

Right: Main: Rump steak cheese sauce, this wasn’t too bad but that I didn’t expect the sauce was all over the meat.

Left: Main: Bourguignon beef (beef Burgundy) with chips which they forgot and we had to remind them about it.

Right: Dessert: Chocolate mousse, not bad, not too sweet, just nice but… We’re stuffed already.

Left: Cheese and its coulis, it tasted like yogurt and raspberry sauce. Quite sour but it’s OK for me to even out the saltiness and oiliness of the starters and mains. We thought we were scammed but didn’t bother to ask them hehehe… Now that I checked, it’s actually French-style Fresh Cheese (The French answer to yogurt).

Right: Day pie, French Apple Pie for the day. I assume they serve different type of pie everyday. I like this the most but was too stuffed to properly enjoy it. Not too sweet with hint of sourness and very big piece. Was expecting something crusted but it’s not.

We ordered 4 sets but how come only 3 types of food? This was due to the choice for the fourth set that we made weren’t available yet the other options were just usual type food we could get anywhere.

Overall, the food was average, price was acceptable, and service was good. Coming back? No, I think there’s better place out there but then again I don’t think I will be coming to Paris in any near future and this is likely my first and last.

This marks the end of our trip in Paris. Gonna head back to London the next morning.

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  • 1 Willie // Aug 7, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    Wow. Beautiful sights!

  • 2 sweet surrender // Aug 8, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Willie, pretty indeed, something different from Malaysia but Sacred Heart Basilica of Montmartre area has too many seedy people. They ruined the beauty of the place.

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