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Kebaya & I

September 13th, 2013 · 5 Surrendered

It’s been a very long time not posting my camwhoring photos in my blog. Mostly it’s on my Twitter.

My very first kebaya my mom bought for me in Melaka. Actually I was contemplating whether to get it or not but at the end my mom said she’ll buy it for me and asked me to choose. This is my first traditional costume also! Hmm… Maybe should get a cheongsam next time hehehe…

Was rather surprised that it fitted so well on the shoulder part and the length was just nice. However, we had to get them to make a bit of alterations on the waist area as it was a bit too big even though the size was SS, smallest adult size they have. This whole set costs RM150 (if I recall correctly) exclude the singlet inside. I didn’t buy the brooch, I just temporarily clipped it with my hair clip ;p

So… Where should I be wearing this to otherwise it will be stored in the plastic bag for God-knows-how-long.

P/S: Lots of editing done because I didn’t wear any makeup, just plain bare face after coming out from shower, even the hair wasn’t styled, it was the just-came-out-from-shower hair too *LOL*

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  • 1 Lee // Sep 13, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    HOLY SMOKE! Wow! One more time….WOW!
    And now for a Canadian wolf whistle, “Phweeeeeet…Pheeeeeew”! And a Canadian train horn…..”WhooooooooHoooooo”!

    Irene, you simply look devastating! Holy smoke, you just made me wish I am 35 again, no…make it 30, ha ha ha.
    You’ll definitely be receiving a bouquet of roses with my invitation card attached….
    with, “Irene, would love have the pleasure of your charming company to dinner at the Raffles, Singapore, Saturday evening.
    Attached a return SIA air ticket”.
    PS, One condition….wear this sarong kebaya.

    Irene, you simply look beautiful, even with no makeup…ha ha ha…
    I’m now thinking about stamps, about moon or moons coming up….and double rainbows, ha ha ha.
    Yes, as you know, cheong sums and sarong kebayas are my weakness, next to iced coffee.

    Your mom has really good taste too…and yes, wear this at the next social function.
    Once again, Irene…you look simply devastatingly fabulous!
    Stay beautiful, and keep a song in your heart.
    Psssst, would love have your email address…
    Leave it at my Blog checkpoint, will note…but will not publish or expose, will delete after copied.
    Want to send you something, *wink*.

  • 2 willie // Sep 14, 2013 at 11:10 am

    Stunning! Chinese with kebaya is really nice.

  • 3 sweet surrender // Sep 14, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    Lee, glad you like it, hope it had made your day 😉

    willie, thanks, just thinking where to wear it to now hahaha…

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