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Honeymoon in Tanzania

September 25th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

So many friends are getting married, means more red packets need to be given, imagine you have to attend three to four weddings in a month. That’s more or less RM200-300 gone! What to do? At this age, one after another getting hitched. When will my turn be? Just this coming December alone, there are already three friends confirmed to have their wedding banquet organized. I foresee there’s more to come. Otherwise, it would be one after another having baby. Oh dear… Sure stress me out!

Talking about wedding, honeymoon will usually come next for most people. I wonder anyone ever thought of going to Tanzania for Tanzania honeymoons! I myself would never thought of it. Since I’m now pretty much jobless, I’ve been looking around the Internet for ideas on what to do online. Just by luck, I found out that there’s actually luxury safaris available in Tanzania. WOW! What an eye opener! Who would have expected that? I personally will not want to go on a safari for honeymoon, not my type at all but luxury safari? Can consider, bring it on!

Imagine staying in accommodation like this for honeymoon. Definitely will be lots of nights to remember 😉 Being surrounded by nature, in the wilderness, where else can beat this?

All right! Who is up for a honeymoon there? Can be very interesting, something very unique. I’m sure no one in your circle will ever go to such place for honeymoon. You’ll be the first, set the standard, see if there’s anyone want to beat you in this hahaha…

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