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September 26th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

Alcatel is launching its two new phones in Kuching earlier on just now. It’s been awhile not attending such event. Please bare with me, I’m not a tech blogger, I’ll just talk about it from dumb user point of views hahaha…


The size (127.1 x 62 x 7.9mm) is all right with me. It’s very light too (96g). It’s so light that I didn’t feel like I’m holding something and there’s a risk of it just fell from my hand if I didn’t pay attention. However, get a casing for it and it shouldn’t be much of a problem. There’s two colours for this, slate and silver.

The good thing about this phone is that it can support dual SIM, so you don’t have to carry two phones with you. The OS installed is Android Jelly Bean v4.2 with Dual Core 1.3GHz CPU. For me, it’s enough for my usage. I don’t really use much functions of such phone, as long I can make calls, SMS, instant messaging once in a while, basic web surfing, and camwhoring is good enough for me. The retail price is RM499, not bad for the price. Maybe I should get this to replace my phone hehehe… Wait… My phone is still working very well, better save this amount of money for something else ;p Maybe when I got a proper job and I’ll reward myself with this phone.

Click here for detailed specifications…


It’s almost as big as my palm (140.4 x 67.5 x 6.9mm). Ok… I have small palm but this also means it’s too big for me, hard to slip it into my clutch too. It’s quite light too, only 120g. Two colours available, slate and red.

This one is priced at RM1099. Again, it can support dual SIM. The OS used is Android Jelly Bean v4.2 with Dual Core 1.5GHz CPU. The camera is definitely way advanced than ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL MINI.

Click here for detailed specifications…

Left: The size comparison.
Right: Mr. KL Kong (country manager of TCT Mobile Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.) and Mr. Steven Tan (CEO of Ten Ten Telecommunication Sdn. Bhd.) showing the media the new phones.

That’s all about the launch. I’ll be in KL this weekend, so there won’t be any update but there should be real time updates in Twitter.

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