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Interview with Chester See

October 3rd, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

Chester See… I’m sure there are many fans out there. Frankly hehehe… I have no idea of this person until last Saturday where we got the chance to interview Chester See privately with only a few media people in the room. Not bad looking at all! What an eye candy! I had my photo taken with him and got him to sign my media pass but the photo isn’t with me.

Let’s see… For those of you not knowing who he is just like me, you can visit his YouTube channel (username is chestersee‎), that’s where he got famous anyway… The power of social media. He is sure a looker and can “kill” many girls *LOL*

From the interview, here’s some fun facts of Chester:

  • Chester is a big fan of bak kut teh and nasi lemak.
  • It was his second visit to Malaysia.
  • Likes song writing.
  • Enjoys telling story.
  • He will be creating company after company until he found one that can be successful if he is not who he is today. He’s an entrepreneur at heart for sure.
  • Likes music from 60’s.
  • Trying to be ahead of the curve.
  • Have family in 5-10 years. So… Is there any taker? I’m sure he has heaps lining up to be his other half, it’s just a matter of who he will ended up with.
  • “Chester Makes Love Songs” Album is coming soon. Stay tuned for it.

That’s all I got from the interview ;p There are more but I didn’t have pen and paper with me, so these are what I managed to type on my phone. Writing is faster. Besides, the rest of the stuff were just the normal stuff you get to read from any normal media.

To end the post, this is one song here which I like from him, Who Am I To Stand In Your Way. Yes… Who am I to stand in your way… Some day maybe…

I’ll have the video of the concert uploaded in the next post, simple compilation of his acts.

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