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Melaka Trip (6-7 Sept 2013) – Part 2

October 18th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

After we check-in, we went to visit the bird nest museum known as Jonker Bird House. I tried to look for information about bird nest museum when I found out that our room came with entrance tickets to the museum but I couldn’t find anything. Apparently Jonker Bird House is the museum it referred to.

It’s not far from The Baba Hotel, once you walk out from the back of the hotel, just turn left and walked till the end, you will see it. It belongs to the same boss of the hotel.

Before going into the museum, there’s Hoko products greeted you. Of course, they will let you try various products and hope that you would buy but we didn’t buy anything *LOL* Just for your information, this product is from Sabah, not Melaka. At first we thought it’s Melaka’s home grown product.

The journey to discover how bird nest came about starts here…

Left: The olden days transportation, pulled rickshaw and bicycle.
Right: Ancient Wishing Well, you can throw your money into designated hole (depending on what you wish for, longevity, peace, health, and etc.), don’t throw them into the well itself! The money will be collected to be used on worthy cause.

Left: Story of Cheng Ho discovery of bird nest while caught in a storm in South East Asia and when he got back, he gave it to the emperor in China as a gift. If you want to know more details of the story, you can do a search online.

Right: Various type of bird nests on display.

Lazy bird nest, old triangle bird nest, and hanging bird nest are just some of the types. By the way, the museum is also a swiftlet house where you can see it with your own eyes how the birds build its nests.

First time seeing the cleaning process of bird nest. After cleaning it, it was placed on the mould for drying. Then it can be packed and sold.

After the museum, we went on a walk around Jonker Street.

It reminded me of Kuching’s Carpenter Street but too bad… Most of our old buildings are gone.

Melaka preserved and maintained the old buildings but it’s an opposite for Kuching. It’s all being demolished for so-called development, how sad…

Saw this shop, Malaysia 13 State’s Coffees. Very interesting but no chance to pay there a visit. I guess if you’re there, you must try their coffees but for us… We’re not coffee drinkers. Maybe coffee lovers should check this place out if you’re in Melaka.

That’s all for now. More to come, not even half way hehehe… Chicken rice balls will come next.

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