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Phone Interview with Khan Lee

October 28th, 2013 · 2 Surrendered

Few weeks back, I was invited to join a phone interview session with Khan Lee. So… This is how phone interview works, interview with phone! *LOL*

Who is Khan Lee? I’m sure most people don’t know who he is. Do you know Ang Lee? Khan Lee is Ang Lee’s brother. However, Ang Lee is not as HUGE as his brother who has made a name in Hollywood. Khan Lee is also a director but not for the silver screen. He is more well-known for directing and producing Taiwan’s telemovies. He prefers to venture into this genre as he found satisfactions in doing telemovie. Besides, it doesn’t require very high cost unlike the usual movies or dramas. He also doesn’t need to worry about whether the movie will sell or not in the box office.

Khan Lee has background in shipping and navigation but he later discovered his interest in producing movies. He had also tried his hand on novel writing but it didn’t do well. His film-making career started in 1994 when he won the Excellent Screenplay of the Year Award which was organized by the Taiwanese government. By then, he was already in his 30’s.

As with the conservative Chinese family, parents hope that their children can work in a more stable field such as doctor, lawyer, teacher, and so on rather than venturing into the more artistic fields such as acting, dancing, singing and so on. His dad objected it due to that while his brother, Ang Lee, objected him to be in this field was because he knew too well about this industry and wanted to protect Khan Lee from the industry’s cruelness. Nevertheless, at the end he succeeded.

The following movies were inspired by the lives of immigrants in Taiwan especially Vietnamese and Mainland Chinese brides are getting more and more in the society nowadays. These are some of the movies by Khan Lee:

– The Happy Life of Debbie 黛比的幸福生活

Debbie used to live on a coffee farm in Indonesia and dreamed about becoming a barista. Such a dream was interrupted by an accident and Debbie was forced to leave her hometown and her first love.

Debbie came to Taiwan and married to a retired soldier. For 15 years she has worked as a coffee bean picker to support her family and coffee is the sole comfort to her mind. Her son Han now is a teenager with distinguished facial features and dark skin. He often gets teased and bullied because of his Indonesia mother and drunken father. Han has a secret crush on a girl in school and one starry night he decides to reveal his feelings for her. Her husband Lu is jobless because of his drinking problems. Debbie and Han are disappointed in him because he always makes promises but never puts his words into practice. One day a mysterious Indonesian man shows up. A big family secret is about to be exposed…

No matter how hard life gets, how strong the yearning grows, when the coffee aroma fills the air, everything will find its place.

– Moonlight In Jilin 吉林的月光

Weiwei often dreams about her hometown Jilin and her childhood friends. Despite the sweet memories, she cannot go back. To get the substantial betrothal money, Weiwei dropped out of school, came to Taiwan to marry a man she’s never met before. Weiwei promised her friends and relatives that she would lead a happy life in Taiwan. Surprisingly her husband turns out to be gangster and suddenly absconds. Weiwei has no choice but to make a living in a massage store in which some”special services”are offered but Weiwei insists on being a professional masseuse. One day the police makes a raid and a junior officer Jiahao falls into love with Weiwei at first sight…

– My Little Honey Moon 野蓮香

Meinung, southern Taiwan, the present day. Hsiao Tien-hsin (Hung Chi-yang), eldest daughter of the Hsiao family, marries Tzu-chiang (Chang Chung-jui) and leaves the village. Left behind are her younger brother Tien-fu (Chen Chu-sheng), his Vietnamese wife of six years Chiung-e (Helen Thanh Đào), their young daughter Yu-ping (Teng Chih-hsuan), and Tien-fu’s mother Huang Wei-mei (Chiang Ching-hsia). Chiung-e helps her husband in their small vegetable farming business and is resisting family pressure to have a second child as she thinks they can’t afford it. At school, Yu-ping is uncommunicative but shows a talent for drawing; she’s encouraged by one of the teachers, aboriginal Sun Ming-chen (Yangui’e Yasiungu), whose hobby is photography and who befriends Chiung-e as a fellow “outsider”. Feeling pressure to earn more money now he’s head of the family, Tien-fu considers starting up a prawn-breeding business and, when he borrows the house’s title deeds one day as a guarantee, his mother accuses Chiung-e of stealing the documents. Some time later, their fields are heavily hit by a typhoon and, when Tien-fu discovers Chiung-e has been taking contraceptive pills, tensions explode. Chiung-e sets out on the road with Yu-ping to visit Ming-chen, who’s moved to Taitung.

– The Golden 金孫

In a village in Taiwan, Lehue is a traditional housewife who spends her life taking care of her paralyzed husband and her children. In order to ease her burden, Lehue arranges a marriage between her only son Kam and a young Vietnamese woman. To Lehue, all she wants from Kimki is to share the domestic chores and to bear a grandchild. However, such a simple plan leads to unexpected dismay and surprises – having the chickens that live around her house as strange witnesses.

– Yang Yang

Cheng Yu-chieh wrote and directed this story of a woman whose broken family history leads her down an unexpected path towards self-acceptance. Chang Ching-yang (Sandrine Pinna), nicknamed Yang Yang by her friends and family, was born to a Chinese mother (Yu Tai-yan) and a French father, but her parents divorced when she was a baby and Yang Yang has never met her dad. 20-year-old Yang Yang is a gifted athlete who runs track, and her best friend Xiao-ru (Her Sy-huoy) is a fellow runner as well as the daughter of her coach (Chu Lu-hao). When Yang Yang’s mother marries Xiao-ru’s father, at first she’s delighted — Yang Yang finally has the father she’s always wanted, and her best friend is now her sister. But love changes all that when Yang Yang falls for Xioa-ru’s boyfriend Shawn (Chang Ruei-jia), and their clandestine relationship drives Yang Yang and Xiao-ru apart. Yang Yang gives up athletics to follow a new dream as an actress and fashion model, and she finds herself exploring a side of herself she’s never cared to acknowledge when she lands a role playing a woman who is partly French and searching for her long-lost father.

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  • 1 Gou Dog // Oct 30, 2013 at 4:03 am

    Irene, do you know our famous Kuching born , Taiwan based director, Chai Ming Liang. he does art films.


  • 2 sweet surrender // Oct 31, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    Gou, LOL… Do you have to change your name again ;p I heard of him but don’t have much idea what he does. Thanks for sharing.

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