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The Journey, Coming 30th Jan 2014

November 4th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

Aiks… The 4th day of November, 2013 is ending real soon! Was rather occupied last week. Finally get to update this post now.

Last Friday, I was invited to interview The Journey’s director and watched the documentary of The Journey known as End Credits at GSC CityOne. It was also one eventful night that got me so damn stress out and almost cried my way home while driving. Long story cut short, I was not only lost in CityOne but also when I was on my way home. ARG!! That moment, all I think of was if only I have a bf then I don’t even have to be so lost! I know… I know… Crazy thoughts… Totally unrelated *LOL*

Anyway, back to the main topic.

This is Director Chiu Keng Guan and I with the novel inspired by the movie, The Journey. You know how usually movie is made based on a novel but this is the other way round.

Let’s talk about the making first, End Credits. Was lucky to be one of them to watch it.

The making of the Nation Movie tells a remarkable tale of how a group of golden-agers with no professional experience in acting ended up playing leading roles in the much-anticipated movie, which is directed by Chiu Keng Guan. To keep a record of their life-changing experience, Astro is pleased to present “End Credit”, a 90-minute documentary directed by Bak Chee Hong. The documentary captures the behind the scene moments of how the elder actors, namely Uncle Frankie (an art enthusiast in real life), Uncle Khong (an avid bird photographer), Uncle Meng (a sports enthusiast) and Uncle Huat (an owner of beef noodle stall), acted out their roles with passion and heart.

Film production might seem like a wild dream to most of the people, yet, there was this group of elders chose to go beyond their age limits, and marched on to realize their aspirations. Most of the retirees have never involved in acting or film production before. Their dedication and perseverance were highly driven by their hearts filled with passion. Their over-brimming energy serves as the best testimony showing that age is nothing but a number.

It’s so heart-warming and close to our heart. Tears inducing too! I am very sure Malaysians will be able to relate to it very well. I’m sure the movie would be even more awesome! Looking at how everyone, young and old, all involved in the movie making, it was amazing! Kudos to all those who took part in the production.

Now, let’s go to the movie, The Journey.

The movie incorporates motifs such as family, friendship and cultural values in a light-hearted and heart-warming approach for audiences of all ages, featuring 73-year-old amateur actor Frankie Lee, winner of Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2007 Joanne Yew, and Australian stage actor Ben Pfeifer.

The story revolves around a conservative father who reluctantly agrees to his daughter’s marriage to a Caucasian man and insists to host a traditional Chinese wedding for the sake of his reputation to celebrate this union. Together with his son-in-law to-be, he then embarks on a road trip around Peninsular Malaysia to send invitation cards by hand. Along the journey, their strained relationship undergoes a subtle change.

While setting against the backdrop of picturesque landscape at Cameron Highlands, Penang, Kedah, Melaka, to name a few, The Journey also intersperses portrayals of uniquely local Chinese culture and lifestyles such ‘Pai Ti Kong’ (Worship of Heaven) at the Clan Jetty, Penang, and the Chingay Parade in Johor.

Chiu also revealed that Astro has a plan to host gala premieres for The Journey in each and every state of the country simultaneously in January 2014.

The highlight of the movie is the hot air balloon. It’s handmade by all those in the production and guess what it’s made of? Plastic bags and cellophane tape!

In End Credits, looking at their perseverance and dedication just to make the balloon fly moved me to tears! They failed many times. Imagine such hard work, making the balloon and when you wanted to get it to fly, it was torn while going up and damaged even more when it got hooked on the basketball net and tore even further when they brought it down. The balloon is 80 feet tall and with the width of 50 feet! 100% handmade by common people! At the end, finally when it can be flown, two uncles managed to take a ride on it for the sake of the movie.

All the settings were not just setups but it’s real events (Pai Ti Kong in Penang and Chingay Parade at Johor), there’s no rest for them during Chinese New Year too. The shooting went on in order to capture the real atmosphere of Malaysia’s unique celebrations.

If you would like to watch it, be sure to mark your calender, 30th January 2014, CNY’s eve, at major cinemas in Malaysia. I highly recommended it.

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