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Melaka Trip (6-7 Sept 2013) – Part 5

November 7th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

Evening approached, the night market at Jonker Street started.

Bought this coconut shake, refreshing, tasted not bad but I think they’re using old coconut for it. The bits and pieces of the coconut flesh was quite tough. Don’t remember how much it was.This is not the original one. I was expecting it see scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and made on spot but they just took it from the back of the stall. Rather disappointing. The original one is at Klebang.

Some views of the market, very happening, lots to see and eat.

We decided to have our dinner at one of the shops. I did not take note of the name but shouldn’t be too hard to locate as it’s located along with other food stalls.

This is the only place selling Portuguese-Style Sambal Lala and other seafood (I think…) which they cook it outside of the shop. Tried the fried chicken wings too. All the food was not so bad, not ultimately tasty but they’re good enough. The sambal lala was spicy enough, sour and sweet too while the fried chicken wings was tender and juicy.

We also tried the little crabs. Don’t mistaken it for soft-shell crabs. The crabs were deep fried and sprinkled with chili powder, great to go with beer. Very crispy.

Price wise, I don’t remember how much were all of them as I wasn’t the one who made the order. Rest assure that it’s reasonably priced.

Basically we just spent our the whole night walking around the market and bought some local produce and souvenirs.

The next morning, we went out for a walk and tried to locate the dim sum shop which I read online. The followings are places we’ve passed by in order to locate Rong Mao Dim Sum.

MY GOSH! I couldn’t believe that we went round and round and round for I think more than 5 rounds trying to locate it yet it’s just on our right side but we kept taking the left turning. Why on earth none of us thought of the right turning? Anyway, we found the place and will blog about it more in the next post.

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