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KL Trip – Day 4(20.1.2006)

January 25th, 2006 · Nobody Surrendered

More interiors of 1 Utama. Flowers too ahahah.. actually it’s potted plants.

After some shopping or should I say lots of shoppings, we had our lunch at tai(1) tai(2). We had chinese tea.

The first dish, char kuay tiaw. Second dish, Yang Zhou style fried rice. Yang Zhou is a part of China.

The third dish, yellow wine chicken (LOL… direct translation from the chinese name). The fourth dish, pork and I don’t know what’s the the dish name ;-p

Tea break after second round of shopping, Auntie Anne’s. We had pretzels, cheedar cheese, almond and sour cream & onion.

Then, we went to the juice bar, jj’s Juice Fusion, for fresh fruit juice.

At night, we went to Petaling Street. Then had dinner there. The food? Not nice. I’m not going to reveal which shop this is because I think it’s should be a popular dining place for KL people and were always in the press. So I guess better to shut up and not elaborate further else will get flame by some sensitive people.

One of the delicacies u can find in Petaling Street. I don’t know the name. Very colourful and lots of cute shapes. The fillings should be something sweet.

The last photos is from the overhead bridge at Bintang Walk.

End of fourth day. Zzzzz…

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