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Sarawak+Brunei Road Trip (18-25/11/2013) – Part 3

December 9th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

After hanging around the express boat terminal, we went to the Sibu Central Market.

This is my first time seeing chicken being sold like this. Interesting…

Durian season!! Cannot miss it. Had my first taste of durian after more than 2 years. This is also the culprit that made me sick ;p Too heaty.

Left: Dabai! It’s been years till I lost count. Didn’t buy or eat it in Sibu though.

Right: Rambutan, it’s the season too. It’s been more than 2 years too not eating it. When I was given with one, I asked my travel companions how to open it! *LOL* Ok… Ok… All these while when I had rambutan, I wasn’t the one who opened it, it’s already opened and readily served. Suddenly I forgot how to open it until one of them demonstrated it to me ;p

Some views of Sibu while on the road. Went for bak kut teh lunch with my Sibu friend but that shop isn’t worth any mention at all.

Then, after I got back, accompany my travel companions for their lunch. Isn’t that cat familiar? Hehehe… They had kampua at the place we had breakfast as it was very late, many shops already closed for lunch. Portion was big and price was quite cheap, less than RM3. Taste… I don’t know… Not my food *LOL*

Went to Wisma Sanyan for the event of the day…

Flagging off Cats Rangers at Sibu Resident Office in conjunction with Visit Sarawak Year 2014.

The following are the views I took from the lift at Wisma Sanyan. We went all the way up to 30+ floor by accident as we were too engrossed in taking photos and missed the floor we’re supposed to go, goodness… Going down was like going on a roller coaster. *Gulp*

The overview of Sibu. More to come…

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