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Sarawak+Brunei Road Trip (18-25/11/2013) – Part 7

January 4th, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

I’m sure you had enough of my big face that greeted you for the first few days of 2014 hahahaha… Let’s get back to business.

After Bintulu, we drove to Miri. It was about 2-3 hours drive. Not so bad but my nose and my head weren’t in very good shape already.

When we saw this, we were excited! Miri!! Finally! You no longer being greeted by teh-c-peng but blue sea, blue sky. The beach here is far better than the beach in Kuching. However, do bear in mind that Miri is very hot. You’ll easily get tanned or sunburned. Be sure to protect yourself from the notorious sun. I got so tanned few years back after going to Miri for 3 days 2 night. Well… It was also because I didn’t wear hat or use an umbrella and walked a lot.

You see these? You’re in Miri. The seahorse is Miri mascot. You can call it the seahorse city. As for the structure erected on a roundabout near Miri City Fan that looked like a type of hat from the native, I’m not sure what it’s called.

We stayed at Grand Palace Hotel. Was so “lucky”, being assigned to a smoking floor with smoking room! Wanted to request for room change but thought that it shouldn’t be a problem, don’t want to trouble anyone as everyone was very tired already. Guess what?!?! Suffered the whole night from stuffed nose and cough. Really cannot stay in smoking room. Two continuous nights in smoking room was enough to bring me down.

The hotel was good for a comfortable stay. It’s surrounded by many nightspots, eateries, and a hypermarket. However, I would prefer staying in the middle of the city such at Mega or Imperial rather than here, it’s a bit too far away from the city centre. Back then I stayed at Imperial Hotel, the location was quite good, I could walk to many places. What’s more, the awesome view of sunset and the sea. At Grand Palace, all we saw was buildings. A bit disappointing.

After check-in, we headed to Miri Resident Office for the flag off. Folks, don’t forget that it’s Visit Sarawak Year and Visit Malaysia Year this year.

Taken somewhere in the city. If you can locate an eatery called Yi Hah Hai Seafood (1st Floor, No. 892, Jalan Permaisuri, 98000, Miri, Sarawak), that’s where we took the photo.

Sunset mode.

Normal mode.

Love the sunset in Miri. We were in time to catch the sunset. Isn’t the colour amazing? If only we could go to the beach for it.

After taking photos of the sunset, we went to Tanjong Lobang for seafood. It’s the seafood place located on the beach. I think it’s called Taman Selera. The sea is just out there. You’ll get to enjoy the food and the sea breeze. It’s a good thing, it wasn’t raining. However, it sure got me very sticky at the end of the day. Will try my best to recall what were the food, didn’t take note and no idea of the price and which stall we ordered it from too. Was kind of sick to bother too actually. Stuffy and itchy nose coupled with headache and a bit of cough weren’t helping.

Left: Mutton satay, nice! Love it!! Despite being sick and not having good appetite, this sure woke my taste buds.

Right: Seriously, I have no idea what soup is this ;p

Left: Buttered prawn, not bad but didn’t eat much. Sigh… Being sick, resulted in the lack of appetite really couldn’t enjoy any food.

Right: Steamed fish.

Left: Calamari with sambal if not mistaken.

Right: Midin with belacan. Not impressed with it. Only tasted salty, maybe it was me being sick.

Left: Ok… Another unknown dish, I think it’s Nestum chicken. *shrug* Just simply guess, it was sweet though.

Right: Clam in soy sauce, didn’t eat much too.

Actually the food was overall all pretty good but due to me being a sick cat that time, I couldn’t enjoy it properly 🙁

After dinner, we called it a night and continued our journey to Brunei the next day.

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