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Sarawak+Brunei Road Trip (18-25/11/2013) – Part 8

January 14th, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

To Brunei we went. None of us had been there before. All so excited.

Left: Going tru’ immigration.

Right: Welcome to Brunei! Not staying there, we were just passing by… Only spent few hours there before we headed to Limbang.

Views that greeted us while we try to locate the tourism office of Brunei.

Left: One of the mosques.

Right: Brunei International Airport. Looks grand.

Left: One of the government offices.

Right: Prime Minister’s Office. Very majestic! In case you’re wondering who is the prime minister there. It’s the Sultan, he’s the Sultan and also the prime minister.

Left: Special pass for us.

Right: Handing over of banners to the tourism office there as they are interested in collaborating to help promote Visit Sarawak Year 2014.

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque located at the Brunei River. It’s known as the most beautiful mosque in Asia Pacific. The main dome is covered with gold. Was told that the inside of the mosque is very cold brrr… By the way, Brunei is hot! Just like Miri. Also, we noticed that all the indoors in Brunei are so cold! Shivering… Once got out of the buildings, the heat was really something.

Left: Temple somewhere in the city.

Right: The shopping mall that located opposite Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque. Didn’t know it’s a mall, doesn’t look like one hahaha…

We had our dinner at Tarindak d’ Seni. The interior felt very grand. I thought we’re going to have buffet but instead we’re ordering from the menu. So many choices! Spoilt for choice!

These are the views from the restaurant as it’s located on the bank of Brunei River.

Kampong Ayer- the “village in the water”.

The view of the city.

The view of the Brunei River.

The Rangers and I. The sick sick me…

Let’s see what were the food we ordered. As I was rather not in the mood, I didn’t take note of what everyone was ordering.

This is one of the burgers ordered. The I love Brunei badge didn’t come with the dish, it’s what we got from the tourism office and one of our travel mates thought of this idea.

Left: Fried marinated chicken with condiments (BND6.50). Looks very appetizing.

Right: This should be soup ekor (BND5.50).

Left: I ordered Spaghetti Olio-Olio (BND6.50), that’s how it’s spelled in the menu, not aglio e olio. I don’t know what’s wrong with me *LOL* Went to Brunei and ate western food, crazy! I thought Olio-Olio should taste light. Since I wasn’t feeling well, that’s why I opted for it but a bit regretted it after that as it was quite flavourful, spicy too. The spaghetti was cooked just right though.

Right: Nasi Goreng Tarindak (BND6).

The sunset view that we’ve been waiting for. See some buildings with lots of light far far away? It’s the palace! The Istana Nurul Iman Palace. HUGE! What do you expect from the world’s largest palace? Massive car collection of the Sultan is right there in the palace which includes custom-made Ferraris and Bentleys as well as Rolls Royces.

After dinner, it was time to say goodbye to Brunei and we headed straight to Limbang.

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