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Sarawak+Brunei Road Trip (18-25/11/2013) – Part 9

January 19th, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

We reached Limbang at night from Brunei. Was quite late already.

Limbang is located on the banks of the Limbang River (Sungai Limbang in Malay), between the two halves of Brunei.

Owing to its geographical location, Limbang is completely cut off from the rest of Sarawak’s road network. It however has good road links to both parts of Brunei located to the east and west of the district. There is also a good local network of roads in the district.

Source: Wikipedia

Apart by using road to go to Limbang (going through Brunei, means you will need passport for going in and out of Limbang even for Malaysians) Limbang has an airport.

We stayed at Purnama Hotel which is located in the highest building of Limbang, Plaza Limbang. There’s a shopping centre which reminded me of Hopoh(a shopping centre in Kuching). Government offices are located in this building too. The room we stayed was very spacious! It has all the basics you need. I guess this is the best hotel you can get there. Don’t expect too much from it. It’s good enough to stay.

Was already pretty sick, we slept the night away and woke up pretty late in the morning. At first thought of just sleeping more while waiting for the rest of the team to check-out but we decided to head out to the Pasar Tamu, just opposite the hotel for a look. It’s a must! Already there, can’t just spent it in the hotel room even though was feeling quite sick. God knows when will I come back here again, this might be my first and last time here.

It was so hot and being sick didn’t really helped. We quickly browsed through the market, bought some local produce.

Took some photos too of the river. The river is very important for the people here just like any other places in Sarawak. The day was so hot with clear blue sky. After taking the shoots we wanted, we headed back to the hotel to escape the heat and to rest as much as we could as it would be a long drive back to Miri.

It’s time to go at around 2pm. While the others were still packing, we, the media team decided to ask our driver to drive around to take more shoots or drop by some places nearby to have a quick look. We stopped by Limbang Regional Museum, located in a fort built by Rajah Charles Brooke in 1897. Very small museum with the background of the local leaders and the history of the place. Not much artifacts though. Mostly photos and texts.

The buffalo and crocodile, both are common animals that you can find in Limbang. Beware of the crocodile in the river! Serious! Not joking, there’s even a sign there at the jetty warning people about it.

We were all pretty tired, this is our last destination before heading back to Miri to stay for a night before driving all the way straight back to Kuching. Oh dear… Dreading it so much that I was contemplating to catch a flight from Miri or Limbang to fly back to Kuching but at the end I didn’t hehehe…

Finally! Done with the road trip post! After staying a night in Miri, we drove all the way down to Sibu. Had a short rest there, had our dinner before went straight back to Kuching. We started our journey from Miri at around 10am. Was in Sibu at about 5pm or 6pm. The journey from Sibu to Kuching was really scary, the road was so dark. Couldn’t see anything at all. We arrived Kuching at 11pm. One hour earlier than our estimated time as we didn’t waste any time after dinner in Sibu.

That’s the end of my one week journey with the Cats Rangers. I’m thankful for the opportunity given to me which was made possible by CatsFM, Ministry of Tourism Sarawak, and Sarawak Bloggers. If you want me to do this again, I think I’ll fly the next time around hahaha… At least I’ve done this once, it’s enough for me, a once in a lifetime experience, won’t complain too much except it was exhausting! ;p

This year is Visit Malaysia Year and also Visit Sarawak Year. Why don’t we take this opportunity to discover our own state and own country. There’s a lot of hidden gems lying behind our own backyard. Hope you enjoyed this series of posts even though I didn’t really share much.

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