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Langkawi (11 – 14 May 2014) – Part 5

August 30th, 2014 · 1 Surrendered

WOW! Still quite a number of Langkawi posts pending. Some of you might have known that I will be heading to Perth this November, told you online purchase is dangerous! HAHAH! I bought the ticket by impulse! *gulp* I shop more online than in physical shops -.-” Now I have to worry about the accommodation cost, it’s always the biggest cost when you travel unless I manage to find another travel mate then that will surely save a lot. *fingers crossed*

Goodness! I must get all these Langkawi posts up before I embark on the next trip else sure cannot finish the post before the next trip. Drag too long, such record! More than 3 months and not complete yet. This is just day 3! We managed to explore more tourist spots on this day.

First stop! Breakfast is a must to start the journey. What’s more you have 3 big dudes in this trip, they have to be fed real well or else they couldn’t protect us hahaha…

The whole breakfast only cost us less than RM3/person! The nasi lemak was really tasty! The roti canai too. Not bad at all. I don’t remember the name of the place hehehe… It’s not that far from the place we stay actually. Generally, food in Langkawi is cheap and quite nice, especially the Malay food. Didn’t get the chance to try any Chinese food though.

Our first destination was Makam Mahsuri but along the way we saw many shops selling gamat aka sea cucumber products, so we stopped at one of them and bought some stuff back to be given as gift. Langkawi is known for this produce and they are selling it real cheap. It’s known to be very effective in curing many things. I bought the ointment only for own use and gift for relatives.

Finally found Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri’s Tomb). There’s a story behind it on why it’s so significant to people in Langkawi. Long story cut short, you can check the details here. You can find many artifacts and legends of Mahsuri in the museum. No photography allowed in there though. Entrance is not free but cheaper for Malaysians. I don’t remember how much. RM5 I think…

The paddy field, my first time seeing such view.

Pretty ladies, the generation of Mahsuri but they now resides in Phuket, Thailand.

The tomb of Mahsuri. Some said she’s buried here, some said the body was never recovered after being thrown off the cliff.

Even the musical performers are very pretty. I guess prettiness is in their genes already else how you get Mahsuri, such beautiful lady. The well is said to be what made Mahsuri beautiful. She used the water daily from this well and it is believed that it has curative properties too.

These are some of the traditional houses that were built to showcase Langkawi architectures.

It was already near noon and the sun was really unforgiving. It’s hot in Langkawi! Next stop, we’re going to see the Seven Wells Waterfall.

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