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KL Trip – Day 5(21.1.2006)

January 27th, 2006 · Nobody Surrendered

This is the last post of KL trip and I promise no more KL posts anymore hahaha… I know got people complain already.

Hey!! KL also got LOK THIAN!!!! FYI, LOK THIAN in Kuching is a company that involved in food business here. They owned several restaurants in Kuching. Don’t be too excited, this LOK THIAN in KL is actually called Tai Pai Tong. It’s situated at Lot 10. The food… 😡 Strange thing is that the chinese name is LOK THIAN but the english name isn’t. The two LOK THIAN aren’t related. Had breakfast there. The photos here are tempura ramen and (donno what) ramen LOL…

Went out of the building and took this pic. Thought of taking KLCC up close but the sun is too bright and it’s so hot, really very hot until I could feel the heat cooked me. So simply took this shoot of the fountain.

KLCC has chickens and even a well too!!! Something “kampung” (village) in this modern building.

Also a wooden house in the middle of this mighty tall building. Actually it’s just some CNY decors at the concourse.

The food court. No-camera zome ;-p LOL but we didnt’ care. Too many people. It was jam packed! No one cares about the camera. Didn’t use flash too. Had lunch here.

Yoshinoya. Had their beef rice. Yummy.

Tea break, Sashimi(Ann’s dad bought this at Isetan) and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Sunrise. Sunrise is an ice-blended drink that consists of orange juice and vanilla. It’s sour and sweet at the same time. I used to have this in Coffeemaster but much sour than this.

The dangling stuffs here… just some decor at KLCC.

Around 4.45pm we went to airport with a limo. Gosh.. the driver parked at the opposite of KL Plaza because they couldn’t stop there.

KL traffic is known to be crazy and the first time we crossed the road like this in the middle of the city with no traffic light or zebra lines. The driver braved the traffic and we followed him as close as possible. Ann and I hold each other hand tightly while crossing the road hahaha… Luckily there were drivers that were considerate enough to slowed down and waved to us to let us cross the road. Not all KL drivers are bad 🙂

This is where they collect the toll.

In the airport, KLIA departure hall.

Had Burger King Cheese Burger as dinner.

Here we were! In the new Airbus!!!

Hehehhe… toilet ;-p

Reach Kuching. Couldn’t get a nice photos of it since it’s night time.

Waited for our luggages.

Our very own KIA. Our newly renovated airport and will be able to accomodate B744 and A380! Cool…


Back home in this beautiful Kuching, clean air and no noise pollution. Home sweet home.

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