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Perth 3-7 Nov 2014: Part 3

November 30th, 2014 · 2 Surrendered

Day 3, we went to Rottnest Island. Went to Barrack Street Jetty again to catch the cruise. We signed up with Rottnest Express. Took the package of ferry and coach tour which cost AUD146 per adult.

Was hoping to catch a glimpse of whale or dolphin while on the ferry but none. I also slept my way through to the island once we hit the sea. Was quite tired, need the sleep, woke up very early for this tour.

Rottnest Island, here we are! The sun was hot and the wind was cold! You’ll see a lot of quokkas everywhere! Lots of crows too. They are huge! Lots of crows in Perth in general. I’ve never met one in Adeleide, lots of pigeons in Adelaide though.

Wish can play at the sea but it’s just way too cold and too hot! How contradicting?!?

Nice? Blue sea, blue sky…

Two landmarks which you can find on the island, the museum (yellow building) and chapel (white building). Overall, I didn’t take much photos for this whole Perth trip. I’m learning to experience the environment without fumbling too much with the camera or phone. Many times, I forgot that I have my camera with me too.

Simmo’s Ice Cream can be found in Rottnest Island. We decided to have it, the single scoop cone cost AUD5.50. A bit steep but oh well… It’s OK. Not like we spend like this everyday and it’s WA’s brand. Very hard to decide on what to have, I ended up with honeycomb because I miss hokey pokey ice cream from New Zealand. The honeycomb was sweet but not sickly sweet. With chunks of honeycomb in there and honey and butterscotch caramel, heavenly! Very rich ice cream. Very different from hokey pokey. The photo I took was blurred beyond visible so can’t show you how it looks like.

We missed the first couch tour when we arrived because there’s very short time in between reaching the island to get on the first coach tour. Quite rush. You have to be fast to go the pick up point. Since we were informed at the jetty to take the 1.45pm tour even though our ticket stated we’re on the first tour, we just listened at the same time worried that we might heard the guide wrongly. Luckily there’s second one, we didn’t hear wrongly. Phew…

You can always cycle around the island if you want to but hehehe… Not me… Too much work, too much sun, and too much wind.

You can find Kingstown Barracks where it is a popular accommodation for school outings on the island, picture on the right.

One of the salt lakes and something you can spot on the island which I don’t remember what it’s called. ;p

One of the shipwrecks and some random flower along the way.

Are you rich enough to get a spot to park here? What’s more, the demand is huge while the supply is limited! Perth sure has lots of rich people.

Jeannies Lookout point. Looking out at the Indian Ocean. Surreal!

The lighthouse and the wind turbine.

Left: Those white stuff is salt at the lake. See how salty the lake is?
Right: Geordie Bay Villas is one of the accommodations for visitors.

Left: The anchor from one of the ships that wrecked.
Right: Goodbye Rottnest Island… That’s our ride back to Perth. Didn’t get to see dolphin or whale. No luck.

I don’t mind staying here for a night. Peaceful place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Hopefully, if one day I have the chance to go back to Perth.

That’s the end of our day 3 tour. Another early start the next day.

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  • 1 Ciana // Nov 30, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    Looks like you managed to visit more places in WA than me, Irene. =) How far is Rottnest Island from Perth City?

  • 2 sweet surrender // Dec 1, 2014 at 11:04 pm

    Ciana, hmmm… About 90 minutes ferry ride if not mistaken. Also can take a plane.

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