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Penang 7-10 Jan 2015 (Part 3)

February 8th, 2015 · 2 Surrendered

Final second part of Penang trip. This is our last day in Penang. I’m splitting it into two posts.

First stop was Taman Rekreasi Kuari. Lots of monkeys around. Nothing much to see. If you are here for morning walk or hike, yes, you’ll find it interesting but not for us. Not even in proper gears for that.

We headed to Batu Ferringhi for the sea view and to hunt for lunch. We stopped at Hard Rock Hotel Penang for a visit and also toilet break ;p

My second time visiting a Hard Rock Hotel. First was in Singapore, 5 years ago. Didn’t take much photo. Just few snaps.

After that, we went for lunch. Most shops were not opened in the day, only at night. So we just drove to nearby commercial centre and we came across a roadside stall for quick lunch. Really have no idea of the location hahahaha…

Again… Tried out their Char kway teow. Hmm… At least it’s slightly cheaper here if not mistaken. Still, portion was tiny.

Ordered their duck and chicken rice which tasted as it should. Not to forget the teh tarik. This teh tarik wasn’t that sweet even though still sweet for me. If you are to compare it with the Indian stall, this one considered not so sweet. My first time had Indian teh tarik was back then I was in Penang years ago, it was way too sweet -.-”

We then took the new Penang Bridge to the mainland for another round of lunch. Seafood!

We went to Restoran Jety at Bukit Tambun (Jalan Bukit Tambun, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang).

Saefood overloaded! Price was cheap though, I don’t remember the price but for 5 adults, it’s considered cheap.

Left: Peanut on the table, it’s charged so just eat! Even if you don’t eat, you’ll be charged for it too.

Right: Lala, simply ordered this one and ended up it’s quite nice. Sweet, sour, and spicy.

Left: Oyster pancake, not my cup of tea. Well… Those from Kuching usually don’t like this type, our version is the crispy type. However, the oyster in there was generous portion.

Right: Nestum buttered prawn, not up to my expectations, kind of bland. The prawns were fresh, should have ask them to steam. It would taste even nicer.

Left: Vegetable soup. Felt like there’s a lot of MSG in there. However, the soup was packed with ingredients.

Right: Steamed fish, no idea what fish ;p also simply ordered and didn’t ask for price.

Overall, it was a good meal. Was stuffed! It was our late lunch, around 3pm if not mistaken.

After that, we headed back to the island. Next post will come.

CNY around the corner, haven’t start my annual baking. Thought wanna do it in the weekends but were occupied by going out shopping. Last time, I would do it on the weekdays but now with this job, where got such luxury?!?! Maybe will only be able to start on the last 3 days before CNY because I will be on leave, full swing baking!

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  • 1 Ciana // Feb 15, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    Sounds like you had some fun in Penang, Irene. =) I was coincidentally talking to someone from Brisbane who visited Penang some years ago while waiting for the tram today. =)

  • 2 sweet surrender // Feb 16, 2015 at 5:02 pm

    Ciana, not so bad. What a coincidence. Happy Chinese New Year to you!

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