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Penang 7-10 Jan 2015 (Part 4)

February 17th, 2015 · Nobody Surrendered

The last part is finally up! Busy busy busy… CNY is around the corner. Let’s finish up this post before welcoming the year of the goat. After seafood lunch, we headed back to the island.

First stop, Snake Temple. Icky! I don’t like snake… It’s so scary to go in there but managed to go in at the end. Luckily not that many snakes in there phew… Then again, still scary.

Dragon Pure Water Wells, only managed to locate one. Not sure where’s the other one.

The visit to the temple is a short one. Didn’t stay too long and closing time was around the corner too. Even if it wasn’t closing, I won’t want to stay long here hahaha…

We headed to Fort Cornwallis. I’ve been here. Back then it was just very basic. Now it’s so different. The entrance fee increased a lot too. We’re given with a bottle of water after we purchased the ticket. There’s free WiFi in there to use too! WOW!

This section used to be nothing much yet now… There’s projector in there introducing Penang and many buildings models in the glass displays. However, the prison out there, they were in very sad state, restorations were still underway. Hopefully it will be an informative section after the work is done.

We went to Queensbay Mall for dinner. Well… I’m not gonna tell you which this place. It’s a franchise restaurant serving Hong Kong food. It was so packed! My first time dining here. We decided to try this place out because we’ve been hearing about it a lot, so we’re curious.

Hmmm… Really cannot trust the menu’s pictures… Get what I meant? We were shocked to see how different the food when it’s served. Unbelievable! Borsch Soup, where’s the green and the red, nothing much in there but onions? The taste really didn’t pass my average standard… Oh dear…

Cheese Baked assorted mushroom, shocked with this too! *LOL* Not very bad while it’s hot, I love cheese! However, once it’s cold, it got a bit too hard to swallow.

Red Bean and Coconut Milky Lure, need me say more? So much difference. Understandable as that the red beans sank, so did the sago pearls. Too sweet for my liking. Actually I wanted to order something mango but mango was out of stock that day. Too bad…

These looked similar to the pictures in the menu, no big deal ;p Taste wise… Nothing to rave about, just edible.
Left: Sesame Snowflakes Ice.
Middle: French Toast.
Right: Seafood Spaghetti with Cream Sauce.

Was stuffed albeit not that delicious or I had too high expectation on this place. Won’t come back here again. There aare other better places to go.

That’s the end of my Penang trip! Phew… DONE!

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