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Kota Kinabalu 1-4 March 2015 (Part 2)

March 14th, 2015 · Nobody Surrendered

Second day, Island Hopping Day! Supposed to be going to Kinabalu Park but the guide called up the night before to inform us that it’s better to go on the second day because of the weather condition.

The tour guide came to pick us up from our staying place to Jesselton Point to take a speedboat to the islands.

Blue blue sea…

Departed at around 9.45am with another group of Malaysian tourists.

First island was Sapi Island. Seriously, you must go snorkeling or at least play at the beach. Otherwise there’s really nothing much to do. The snorkeling gear was included in the boat fare. Goodness! It’s was so bright and hot, at around 10am. I snorkeled for about an hour… Very tanned now 😛

Off I changed and get ready to snorkel! My first time. Took me quite a number of attempt to master the technique. I never thought that I’ll be doing this and I did! Awesome experience. Maybe scuba next… Need to sign up for the course hahah… We’ll see…

Left: Can see the fish already even if you don’t snorkel. However, if you snorkel, then you will see even more interesting ones. I had fun. Very exciting to see those fishes swimming around you and you’re swimming along with them. You must wear the life jacket when snorkeling. If you do not know how to swim, you still can do it. Not a problem at all. Don’t ever ever try to walk in there, the corals aren’t soft at all! I tried standing and accidentally kicked one, wow… Painful! That’s why a life jacket is a must, save you from hurting your feet as you’re floating.

Right: Around 12.15pm, BBQ lunch was served. Have to queue up with other tourists to be served at the buffet line. Full! Everything was great except the fried rice and bee hoon hahah… The satay was nice but very small, tasted much better than the one we had at Tanjung Aru.

At about 1.15pm, we went to another island, very small one, nothing much there, Mamutik Island. Due to unforeseen circumstance, I had to changed back to my dry clothes before lunch at Sapi Island, no snorkeling for me here. Was planning to wear my swimsuit all the way here and snorkel again. It didn’t materialize. See how pristine the water is?

The islands were really nice! However, the toilet and changing room facilities made me cringed -.-” Oh dear… Yuck…

My advise is that, wear your bikini/swimsuit inside, reach the island, just take off your clothes at the beach. Don’t bother going to the changing room. After playing in the water, just shower off the salt water from your body. Continue wearing your swimsuit with an outerwear to another island. When it’s time to go back to the main island, just wear your clothes back, your swimsuit will dry from the sun and wind, don’t wear anything thick. For my case, because of the material of my swimsuit, it’s not easy to dry ;p So, choose easy to dry material. Head back to your accommodation after island hoping to clean up and get ready for dinner.

We left the island around 3 something.

Left: The drink we bought at the jetty. Seaweed drink great for thirst and cool down your body after being under the sun for hours. Tasted quite refreshing.

Right: We were sent back to your staying place and the evening was our free time. We decided to go the market near our apartment because it’s only 5pm and hunt for dinner. It’s Filipino Night Market. Lots to see there.

Bought some langsat there only. We didn’t dare to eat the food there afraid of getting stomach upset ;p Just looked around only. The Handicraft Market is also there, bought nothing. They’re similar to what you can find in Sarawak.

After the market, we decided to just walked over to Oceanus Mall for dinner at Nando’s 😛 That’s the end of Day 2. It was really tiring but fun.

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