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Kota Kinabalu 1-4 March 2015 (Part 3)

March 22nd, 2015 · 4 Surrendered

Final part of KK trip. Hmmm… Time to hunt for ticket for the next destination.

Kinabalu Park on the third day. Stopped by this building that looked like battery hahah… Yayasan Sabah Tower. Lucky that the sky was clear to see the mountain when we were on the way to Kinabalu Park.

We arrived Nabalu Town for a rest. Clear blue sky with the view of magnificent mountain. Lovely! Bought the pineapple there, a-must to try. This is the only pineapple I can eat, sweet and juicy, didn’t sting or made my tongue itchy. I never like pineapple.

Left: After the brief stop, we headed to Kinabalu Park. We’re only at the visitor centre. The air was so cooling… Miss this kind of fresh cool breeze… Was just wearing a sleeveless blouse, feeling the breeze on every inch of my skin, not cold at all but just nice.

Right: Next, to Poring but we had lunch first at Nongling Restoran Poring before going for short hike, canopy walk, and dipping in the hot spring.

Let’s see if I can identify any food I ate haha… Overall food was average but at least you can feel the freshness of the ingredients. Was stuffed! Quite a lot for 5 of us (a Chinese lady joined us in our tour).

Left: Fried rice. Not bad.
Right: Corn soup, too sticky, too thick. Not my kind of soup. However, taste wasn’t bad.

Left: Mixed vegetables, ok also.
Right: We tried hard to figure out this dish, sweet and sour fish? Couldn’t taste any fish but flour. Two thumbs down.

Left: Chicken meat cooked with not-sure-what hahaha… Just average.
Right: The curry prawn was spicy but not too spicy. This is acceptable.

Left: Very fresh vegetables but too bad we had difficulty finishing it, felt very wasted. I don’t know the name.
Right: After lunch, we went to the hot spring. A stream just right below the bridge we walked.

We went on a hike to reach the canopy walk. A very easy hike, just a matter of how much stamina you have. Finally we reached the canopy walk. Thought it will be very scary but actually it’s not. The harder you hold on to the rope, the shakier it will be. No need to be nervous, just walk gracefully. Each time, only 6 persons can walk.

Left: Cold water pool. The water is from the mountain, cold! Took a lot of courage to dip ourselves in there. Brr… After got in, it’s not so bad.

Right: Hot spring. Hot! Have to mix with the cold mountain water. Can feel the slipperiness on your skin when you dip in there. Sure has curing properties which consist of hot sulphuric minerals. The lady who followed us was bitten by mosquitoes throughout her 3 days trip and after she dipped in there, the redness subsides and no longer feeling itchy. Me too. I’m always a mosquito magnet anyway.

We didn’t spend much time there, quick dip only as I requested the tour to include Desa Milk Farm. The views on the way to Kundasang. Passed by Kundasang War Memorial Park. A memorial built to remember heroes who have suffered or perished during the tragic ‘Sandakan Death March’. There are three gardens, Australian Garden, the English Garden and the Borneo Garden.

We’re here! You can see them milk the cow and the pack the milk.

This is the building where you can see the milking of the cow, packing of milk, and buying the dairy products produced by the farm. The ice cream (RM5) wasn’t creamy and milky enough, still better than Sunny Hill’s. The yogurt (RM3) was great on its own, not too sour. While the milk (RM3.50) was fresh, I like the milk. Finished the whole container of yogurt before the dinner and almost 500ml of the milk in a night after very big dinner. Luckily no “colon cleansing” that night.

The New Zealand of Sabah heheh… Sure has has the feel. The breeze was cooling. The view was amazing!

That’s the end of our tour.

At night, we went for seafood at New Luyang Restaurant (Shop No. 1, Luyang Phase 1, Jalan Kolam 838300, KK, Sabah) famous for crab. I have no idea of most of the food as I wasn’t the one ordering it, I contributed my stomach only ;p The total bill came up RM130.50, considered quite reasonable.

Left: I have no idea what’s this, I didn’t pay attention.
Right: Another vegetable that I don’t know the name hahaha…

Left: The signature crab, Kam Heong Crab. Very fresh crab and the lots of roe in there. Oh my cholesterol ;p Very aromatic indeed. Dried shrimp is one of the ingredients. I suspected that I had allergy attack right after eating it and developed itch that lasted 48 hours. I used to have allergy from eating crab when I had too much. It’s been almost 20 years I’ve not suffer from this. It’s ok… Not that bad actually, could stand the itch without needing any medical attention ;p Just rolled myself like a sushi in my blanket when I slept when I got home to Kuching. It came out full force the night I got back to Kuching.

Right: Deep fried pomfret, really big for us to finish. Fish was fresh, should get them to steam it instead of frying.

That’s the end of our final night in KK.

The next morning, we decided to walk around town as our flight was in the afternoon. Had not eaten Sheng Rou Mien since coming here so tried hunting for it in Chinese coffee shops.

Couldn’t find it and we tried our luck at Seng Hing Coffee Shop (Block E, Lot 10, Sinsuran Complex, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah). They didn’t serve that but we had sat down and ordered the Tuaran Mee (left) and Balsam-pear aka bitter gourd Beehoon (right). Don’t quite remember the prices, total was around RM12 inclusive of a canned drink. The two noodle dishes were just normal to me, nothing to wow. I’m just not a fan fried noodle.

We’re told Sheng Rou Mien can be found just at the next row *LOL* After we got out of the coffee shop, then I looked to the left as I was waiting for my mom who went to the toilet. Oh! There it is! Kedai Kopi Kim Hing Lee (Blk F, Lot 7, Sinsuran Complex). Saw the signboard saying “KK first sheng rou mien” at the back alley. We did walk there but from the front, didn’t notice because it’s pretty hidden. This photo here is the front, not obvious what’s more I didn’t do research on where to have this in KK 😛 Even if I did, I still missed the shop.

Since, we’re full, so we ordered just one bowl of soup sheng rou mien to try. It’s RM8 per bowl (if not mistaken). Very different from the sheng rou mien in Kuching. The Kuching version has clearer soup. It was good, still I prefer the one in Kuching even though it’s originated from KK. The soup in Kuchinng is improvised to suit the taste of Kuchingites I guess.

Done! That’s the end of my KK trip. Where next? Thinking of going back to Perth this year end, the flight ticket is so cheap! Well… We’ll see…

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  • 1 gou // Mar 29, 2015 at 11:59 pm

    @ your tweets on earth hour

    Yes, the candle thing is really dumb. It seems like if that logic is right, the best way to save earth is we, the human all vanished. 🙂 I think the best way out of this diminishing resources is responsible technologies , not going back to living in caves.
    The Desa Farm is really beautiful..by the way those cow wastes are producing a lot of methane gas too 😮

  • 2 sweet surrender // Mar 30, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    gou, yes… I really don’t understand what are they thinking, introducing green house gas to make thing worst. The farm is pretty hahah… Trued ;p methane gas from the waste but also fertilizer for the grass *LOL* At least it’s natural waste, not the chemical man made waste.

  • 3 David @ MalaysiaAsia // Apr 7, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    Hey Irene, nice writeup for KK and Sabah. Do you travel often or are you a full timer blogging?


  • 4 sweet surrender // Apr 9, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    Hello David. Thanks for dropping by. I don’t really travel that often. Just travel a bit more these few years. I used to be full-time blogger but now just blog for fun. Cheers!

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