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Exabytes Cloud & E-Commerce Day 2015

April 27th, 2015 · Nobody Surrendered

Exabytes Cloud & E-Commerce Day 2015 happened in Kuching today. I only managed to attend the afternoon session. Very informative session for most I’m sure. For me, it’s all basic knowledge that I already knew. However, great to meet many whom I’ve not met for a long time.

Finally got to experience Google Glass and the Oculus Rift first hand. The former was a meh; the latter was amazing! I was in heels and just had my lunch, was a little dizzy and had not recovered from the shock when I was on the way to the function. I almost got into an accident because of the slippery road and I underestimate the curve of the road. When I tried Oculus Rift, not even 5 seconds, I surrendered. Yes! Sweet Surrender surrendered because she got too dizzy on a roller coaster while wearing the Oculus Rift hahaha…

Gonna share with you on what I’ve shared live today on Twitter and Instagram:

#sarawakbloggers at #eced2015 https://instagram.com/p/1-X43nmoFM/

#ecommerce has unlimited opportunities #ECED2015

#Easyparcel is free #ECED2015

#easyparcel makes delivery easy #eced2015 low delivery cost, no registration fee, free door-to-door… https://instagram.com/p/1-MnNuGoK7/

#eced2015 ecommerce 4 elements: Online Store, Payment Option, Shipping Method, Marketing. https://instagram.com/p/1-LeXGmoJ6/

#11street is here in #Kuching at #eced2015 with Shaun Yap. https://instagram.com/p/1-HU3imoGk/

With #adwords, u don’t have to invest much but invest smart #eced2015

Mobile friendly website is important 2 b ranked high in #Google #eced2015 & 91% M’sia internet users will research on the Net b4 buying.

Ppl look at their phones at least 150 times a day #eced2015

#eced2015 #Google #Adwords to get your business much more visible online. Speaker is Justin Keh from… https://instagram.com/p/19_ZIYmoAc/

Educate yourself on Cloud at #eced2015 with Arren Tan. https://instagram.com/p/19-bZzmoPl/

Again… Sorry for the wrong hashtag 😋 words to avoid in email marketing. This is the correct… https://instagram.com/p/199Nx3GoOa/

Just arrived at #eced2015. Tried the Oculus Rift, my gosh! Could not reach 5 secs. What do u expect… https://instagram.com/p/196aFfGoLq/

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