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Lundu-Bau Labour Day 2015 Day Trip

May 3rd, 2015 · Nobody Surrendered

1/5/2015, the long awaited long weekend. For the first time, I didn’t fly anywhere during such holiday. Odd… I know… I’ve been getting lots of queries on why on earth I’m in Kuching at this time of the year *LOL* Boys and girls… I have no idea too… No idea where to go this time and flight ticket is just way too expensive, not worth it to spend like this. So… Just stay home and sleep in, sleep in, sleep in…

First stop was Lundu. Visited my relatives and then we had lunch at the market. As usual, the salt coated prawn is always what we will order whenever we’re here. Be prepared for the long wait especially on public holiday. City dwellers will usually flood this small town on public holidays. These three dishes cost about RM60+. A lot for 3 of us, can actually feed 4. The prawn was different, I guess there’s a bit too much cornstarch that’s why, not dry enough. There’s also cha kueh tiaw and vegetable soup. The former was a bit bland but it’s ok for me; the latter was normal.

After Lundu, we decided to pay a visit to Tasik Biru at Bau. My first time here *LOL*

If you would like to read more about it, just follow this link about the lake.

We spent a short time there only. Just to see the lake that’s all.

On the way home, we decided to stop by Siniawan for its weekend night market. First time here also. The night market only operate on every Fri – Sun, 6:30pm onwards.

It used to be a dead town, always passed by this place on Qing Ming (Chinese old souls day). Once a year we will stop here, just round the place in the car and left.

Recently, they started the night market on the weekend. Never got the chance to go there because it’s just too out of the way and not familiar with the road. The road is so dark at night.

Now that we have the chance, we reached there around 5.30pm. Still easy to find parking. So, best to reach there around this time because it’s hard to park or to move after 6.30pm onwards.

Food wise, there’s a lot of varieties. However, hmmm… Taste wise, just so-so, didn’t try any that made us gone WOW. However, environment was great. This is what matters the most. You can get all the food easily in Kuching too.

The fish ball and meat ball kolo mee here isquite popular. Finally get to try it, hmm… Well… Not my taste. I’m not a kole mee person anyway. However, the meat ball and fish ball were made from real fish and pork, not like the type with lots of flour.

Never miss… Sambal stingray and cuttlefish. Very spicy. It’s Ok.

Food here are priced the same as what you get in Kuching. So, considered it reasonable.

We left at around 7pm, people started to pour in and cars were parking at the roadside already.

That’s the end of my Labour Day day trip. At least I’ve been to all these places already hahaha…

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