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July 17th, 2015 · Nobody Surrendered

Haven’t have the time to post anything yet… Was away for almost a week last week due to official duty. Came back and have to continue with tonnes of work and also to help with GST filing as the first quarter is due soon!

I’ve been busy with the filing since I got back from my trip. Still not done yet. So much to do, what’s more I’m not well-verse in accounting. However, at least now I understand roughly how the system works. Just that the problem now is that the system we subscribed to seem to be flawed, there’s some bugs in it which is causing me to have to calculate things manually. Found out the system is generating wrong amount which can affect the amount to file. Because of this, I had to use Excel to do the calculation as I always press the wrong number on calculator. I’m not well-verse in using Excel too at least it solve my problem in calculation for now especially with a string of numbers. However, still cannot trace where the system got the output tax value. It should very straight forward to get the value but some how the amount generated isn’t tally with my calculations. Oh dear… Worst come to worst, just file it based on whatever the amount the system generated.

I’m not an accounting person… I always almost flunk this subject in school. Even almost failed my master because of this subject but some how I passed by luck. Now… Me to do this?!?! WOW! At least it’s not that hard, all I need is just to key in the numbers and result generated by the system, only problem is there’s a LOT to key in -.-” From April to June!

So many hiccups trying to file the GST. The GAF file generated by the system isn’t accepted by TAP. Duh… So have to fill in the fields manually. Fine… At least the figures are already there for you to copy and paste into the designated fields. Then who knows… Came another section which force you to key in MSIC code, what the hell is it?!?! Found out what it’s all about but couldn’t find the industry codes I need! GOSH! Sure is giving me headache. I’ve yet ti find a conclusion to this part.

Anyway, enough of the rant. I just hope I can file it in time! Or else we’ll be in deep trouble. Sigh… Should be able to go back to normal update after filing this thing.

GST oh GST… You sure are making my life difficult…

Oh! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Enjoy the long weekend.

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