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Benefit High Beam Face Highlighter

August 31st, 2015 · 1 Surrendered

It’s 31st August… How time flies! We are heading into September tomorrow! Today is Malaysia’s Independence Day. Enjoy the public holiday everyone! I’m not going to talk anything of this nature in this post. Just going to review this wonderful product I got, Benefit High Beam Face Highlighter.

I’m not sure how much it costs in Malaysia. My sister got this from UK, it’s priced at £19.50. Expensive! Fear not! This small bottle lasts forever as long that you tighten the cap after every use. You only need very little to achieve that glowing skin effect.

high beam creates that natural radiant glow you’ve always desired. It’s a a satiny pink highlighter that creates a young, radiant, fresh complexion on all skin tones. No self respecting make-up artist would be seen without it.

At first, I was quite hesitate to use it because was worry that the glow and the glitter might not be appropriate for normal daily use. After trying it out for the first time, I love the effect I saw in the mirror! WOW! Ever since then, it’s my must-have in my everyday makeup routine.

Normally I’ll just end my makeup with blusher. Now, before going for the blusher, I’ll dot and blend on my cheek bone, brow bone, and nose bridge. So lightweight and easy to blend. Great for any skin tone. Gave a very nice healthy and natural glow, love it when the light hits the areas. Amazing effect too can be seen from the photos. The face no longer looked so flat. Managed to cover up the pigmentation on my cheeks because of the glow.

Sometimes, if I’m going “natural”, no blusher, I’ll just apply this alone. Instant glow! You can also apply this after applying blusher if you want stronger effect. I prefer using it under so that will look more natural.

One application can last me one whole day. Doesn’t fade.

Left: With Benefit High Beam, very little makeup, no blusher. See the cheek bone and the nose bridge? The glow, not flat. Even my colleague was surprised with the glow I have, she thought my skin condition improved not knowing that it’s the effect of the product hehehe… *shhhh*

Right: Without Benefit High Beam, with makeup I normally wear to work taken before I was given with this product.

Great product! I highly recommended it. Price is a bit high but you are getting a great product that can last a very long time, only a little needed. 3 small dots on one side of the cheek bone only. Wonder how long will it take for me to finish the bottle.

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