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Sweet Surrender’s Hong Kong Airlines Experience

September 24th, 2016 · 2 Surrendered

WOW! Record! 14 days from the last post! Man… Crazy weeks! Finally get to settle down for a bit after two intense weeks. Was on leave for one whole week but it was gone with a snap, I didn’t even get the chance to enjoy the holiday and it’s gone.

Going to share my experience flying with Hong Kong Airlines. The inaugaural flight was on 28th May. We now can fly straight to Hong Kong from Kuching. Flight time isn’t comfortable but better than none. Be sure to catch some sleep on board. The flight is about 3 hours and you’re flying a full service, 4-star airline. Imagine how much time you can save without transit?

Back in July, I flew to Hong Kong from Kuching for work. The flight departed at 6.30am on an A320. The leg space was spacious enough. They do provide you with antiseptic towelette when you are on board. On the seat, you can find blanket but since it’s a 4-star airlines, there is no pillow provided. Hence, bringing your own neck pillow is a good idea. Also, do not expect other classes for this sector, it’s a mono-class sector. You won’t have your own entertainment panel also. However, the food was surprisingly better than our 5-star airline!

Reached Hong Kong and then connected to Shanghai. Flew this route with Hong Kong Airlines also.

Was expecting a small plane since but wow… It’s a big one, I think it’s A330. I’ve not been on a big plane since my Europe trip back in 2013 ;p

Instead of sleeping, I watched movie. Meanwhile the food was amazing too! I love the douhua (tofu pudding) the most.

Photo taken on the way to Shanghai.

Aside from using Hong Kong Airlines flying to Shanghai, I also flew back from Nanjing to Hong Kong with it and then Hong Kong to Kuching. Good thing, my colleague and I were “upgraded” because of some special arrangements made by the captain hehe… We got more leg space. However, the food from Nanjing to Hong Kong was a let down. We’re served with pork burger, pathetically thin pork patty sandwiched in between the flattened buns. Didn’t taste good and look pathetic. Our roadside burger tasted and looked better. Forgot to take photo of it, I was too tired due to flight delay that day because of the storm.

Why not flying to Nanjing from Shanghai? There’s high speed train for it, no need to fly at all.

However, because the flight was almost full on the sector going back to Kuching from Hong Kong, I felt quite uncomfortable and air was as if not circulating. A bit of torture on the way back but what to do? It’s economy class, that’s the thing you have to live with. That explains why I like to travel during low season as I don’t like to be squeezed into a small area with so many people.

Overall, it was not bad. The only downside is the pork burger I mentioned.

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  • 1 CNE // Sep 27, 2016 at 3:03 am

    Great review.
    Direct hooking up with HK and China is good for Sarawak. With this we are less dependent on KL and Spore. Not at their Mercy.
    It is a good thing. It makes us STRONGER !!!!

  • 2 sweet surrender // Oct 2, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    CNE, hopefully it will last.

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