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Second Nando’s Outlet at tHe Spring

October 20th, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

Not only Viva… The egg hatched at tHe Spring too! Now you don’t have to join the crowd at Viva, you can join the crowd at tHe Spring.

The interior feel is different from Viva. You get purple half circle sectional sofa in Nando’s at tHe Spring. When the day is getting darker, the light from the chandelier gives the place a feel of coziness.

Left: A must-have in Nando’s, the chicken! How can you miss this? It’s the only reason for you to come otherwise why come here?

Right: New items on the menu, the sweet potato chips are so yummy and addictive. Meanwhile, the spinach is quite refreshing albeit being rather tasteless and mushy, it is not too bad.

Left: Some of the Nando’s signature sauces.Which is your favourite?

Right: Caramel cheesecake… Goodness! It was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Funnily, at first I wanted to have just a taste of it but ended up I was scrapping it bit by bit with fork and into my mouth *LOL*. Great to go with Americano or tea.

So? You have two places to choose now to Nando’s in Kuching. Just hope the good quality will maintain.

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