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Dec 2016

December 1st, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

Another long period of not posting anything. Seriously, I have too much to post yet no time to post. Sigh…

These period of time, I sure do learn a lot. One thing, people can do anything just to carry people “balls”. Pathetic, really pity them.

I know what people are talking behind me but I don’t care because it’s their mouths, their problems, not mine. With that, I found out how insecure these people are. I never had any intention or anything to be involved with them but somewhere somehow they felt threatened by me and trying to do all sort of things to make me fail. Well… If they want to, let them be, amusing to see them so busy trying to bring me down when the things they are supposed to be doing, they are not doing *LOL* I didn’t even do anything and they felt that I’m a threat to them, how funny can that be?

Such an honour to know that people can feel threaten by me when I didn’t even lift my finger or open my mouth.

Last month of 2016… Let’s see how long more to go for the drama to end but I doubt it will end. It will only until I leave. What to do? People are afraid of me hahaha!

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