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Nothing But Anger

May 22nd, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

Haven’t update this blog for quite awhile, have no time or energy for it. All these stupid tasks are just plain stupid! Will be back after it’s done.

Just wasting the whole month of May doing nothing but to plan a trip for PPL which is not even my job. It’s not that I don’t want to be flexible but com’on! It’s your job, not mine. This job is not meant for this organization! What are you sitting there for? People are sitting there meant to do those jobs but they are not doing it, only know how to play tai chi.

Ok la… You want to play tai chi, play la! Seriously, for more than a year, I did nothing in my job scope. Everything I did has got nothing to do with what I’m being hired for when all these jobs are supposed to be the job of some respective departments that are setup for decades meant to do all these things, yet they only know how to play tai chi. Not only that, they are clueless! WOW! You are meant to do those job but you are clueless! No common sense also.

In my previous work, I couldn’t be late, I couldn’t go home on time, my workload was crazy! I had to go back to work during odd hours, I’m willing. It’s because it’s my job. At the same time, I still could find time and energy to do some fun things.

Now, my time is more flexible, 5-day week, can go home on time or sometimes earlier but I am so stressed and unhappy most of the time. Everyday just dragging myself to the place I dread the most. Everyday I got home, I just couldn’t care about doing anything but just facing the computer, usually blankly or playing games and watching series non-stop. I’m just too tired to move an inch. Weekends supposed to be fun but I just want to stay home and be on my own.

Never in my life wanted to leave so many times, never in my life taking so many sick leaves, never in my life feel irritated on every single thing, never in my life drafting so many “spicy” letters, never in my life cursing so much, it’s a toxic place to be I must say.

Oh well… Ppl said just hang in there. I’m not sure how long. I don’t really need it anyway. It’s not paying any better too. Only thing I know is that, there’s less than a year to go, yes… Hang in there maybe… Still… I really don’t know what will come first, the letter or the contract. We’ll see… All I know is that those toxic ppl had won the game.

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