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Hui Lau Shan @ Vivacity Megamall

May 31st, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

Hui Lau Shan, no stranger to many people. To be frank, it’s my first time trying the food there. All the while, I never have any intention to try it out when I was in West Malaysia or China.

Finally, the 20th outlet is now in Kuching inside Vivacity Megamall, also the one and only outlet in East Malaysia. I was fortunate to be able to join the launch which had given me the opportunity to try out their key products that made Hui Lau Shan, Hui Lau Shan 😀 Price is a bit on the higher side but quality is there.

Durian Pancake (RM12 for 2 pieces) filled with cream and real D24 durian flesh is the best of all! It’s a real deal! This is my favourite. The pancake is made fresh on the spot in Kuching since there is no central kitchen. In other word, you will get the freshest Durian Pancake only in Kuching. By the way, durian dishes are only available in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Mango is their key ingredient. You can find real mango in the Mango Pancake. They source their mangoes from the Phillipines and Thailand. The pancake is freshly made on the spot as well.

The mochi is basically similar to our onde-onde except the inside isn’t coconut but durian and mango.

Left: Signature Mango Cube and Mango Jelly. Didn’t get to taste this.

Right: Hui Lau Shan is indeed a must-go for mango lovers. Try all the key mango desserts in one order. The Mango Romance is the right one to go for. It’s made up of mango mochi, mango chewy ball & mango crystal jelly.

Left: Mango Pop Pop. Pop the white ball in your mouth to release the the syrupy content in it. The burst of sweet and sour syrup will fill your mouth.

Right: Sago Duet has pomelos in it. I prefer this as it has good balance of sweet and sour.

Left: Mango Chewy Ball. Didn’t try it though. Anyway, the balls are definitely tasteless, the ice cream and mago will give it the flavour. If you like to chew your dessert, this might be for you.

Lastly, to balance out the sweetness, something savoury like this curry fishball will be good. It is very common street food in Hong Kong that you can get here.

Not to forget, Hui Lau Shan’s central kitchen in Malaysia is halal while the one in Kuching is definitely in the process to be certified as one as well.

So? The Hong Kong “King of Dessert” is now in Kuching! Get ready to queue and brace the crowd.

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