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Guerisson 9-Complex Cream

April 10th, 2018 · 1 Surrendered

I discovered Guerisson 9-Complex in Althea and Hermo. Was quite shocked to see how much good reviews this product is having. It took me quite awhile to decide to buy it to try. You can get it now from Watsons and Sasa in Malaysia too. I bought this from Althea. You can check out its official site for more information, https://www.guerisson.my/guerisson-9-complex-cream

I’ve seen so many types of horse oil, felt kind of icky. Finally got the courage to try this and I’m glad I did not try the others and also beware of fakes out there. Too many fakes out there. Make sure you get it from the websites and the two shops I mentioned above. The photos I posted here is to show you the features of genuine product. You can google “genuine guerisson 9 complex” and find many bloggers sharing how to spot the real and fake cream.

I will share on my experience using this cream instead. This cream claimed to be able to do the following:
72-hour Moisturization
Firming Power
Smooth Skin
Best in scar reducing

The scent was very pleasant and the texture is just like butter. Use it sparingly, just a little will work wonder. If you have normal, oily or combination skin, use very little, don’t be too greedy. When it is applied on the skin, it has emollient effect. If you are staying in places where the air is dry, this is God-sent! I tried it myself when traveling to those dry places or sleeping in air-conditioned room, no itchiness and flaky skin developed on the face and other body parts. It can be used anywhere you feel it’s dry. My friend even applied it on her lips when she was in Japan, she suffered very bad cracked lips and it helped a lot.

Rich in Vitamin E & botanical extracts; namely peppermint leaf, apple mint leaf extracts, rosemary & sage extracts the said formula is safe enough to apply on babies. Guerisson 9 complex penetrates deep into skin where the steroids & preservatives free formula improves damaged skin by providing the most required nutrients. With almost zero side effects, it remains to be one of the best Korean scar removal creams that has been tried & tested for the claims made.

As I don’t want to contaminate the cream in the jar, I foresee that it will last me quite awhile because only very little amount is needed and I do not use it everyday, I transferred some to small container and store the rest in the original jar.

I noticed improvement to my skin. I have few pigmentation spots on my cheek area and it is lighter now. My pores are smaller too. I did not develop any sensitiveness to the cream. Hence, it is all good. I highly recommend buying it.

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