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PostieCon 07

March 10th, 2007 · Nobody Surrendered

OMG!!! PostieCon07 is here!! You must be wondering what is this right? OK… For those of you that are into PPP, I’m sure you know what it’s all about. This is going to be the first and biggest bloggers conference ever. Any blogger from any part of the world can join.

Why you should join? According to PPP, bloggers and Internet celebraties are the rock stars of information age. That’s why the theme for PostieCon 07 is “You’re A Rock Star”. You must join this conference if you can, it’ll benefit you a lot and you will be able to meet up with bloggers and Internet celebraties from all over the world. Cool! I want to but it’s impossible for me to join. Well… Maybe when I make USD1K per month in PPP then I can just hop on the jet plane and fly there without thinking too much. 😛

Why join? You will be taught on how to increase your traffic and readership. More traffic means your blog will have more exposure and when your reputation built up in terms of PR and Alexa, you will have more chance to blog about opportunities that can sometimes cost up to USD1K.

Who are going to teach you all these? Mind you, it’s not simply anybody yo~~ PPP has invited some of the world’s biggest bloggers to share their knowledge, perspectives and experiences those who attend.

Why bloggers and Internet celebraties are important people? You know, let’s say when we blog about a restaurant, if we said that it’s good, I can guarantee that many readers will make sure that they go to the restaurant to try it out. Indirectly, we are doing publicity for the restaurant, FOC! Gosssh… We had to pay for our own food and then give them free publicity summore. It’s much more effective than publish advertisements in the newspapers, radios or TVs.

Why it’s so effective? This is becasue we are not tie down by any contract or getting any money from them to blog about their stuffs. It’s all based our honest opinions. Therefore, readers appreciate our views more rather than trusting the adverts. Ever see any company that say bad things about themselves? 100% NO! They will tell you the good side of it only.

But PPP pays me? You know, who doesn’t want money? Why not? Money is hard to come by these days. You thought blogging about food or travels are cheap?(*LOL* As if you are the one that force me to eat or travel :P) Actually the hosting(s) and domain name(s) need money. They are burning a hole in my pocket, it’s not that I’m making a lot a month. I sometimes don’t even have any income for months and have to rely on my parents due to my job nature. It was an affordable/free hobby at first but after quite sometimes, when your readership increase, your content increase, you need better and bigger hosting which mean money again. So I need extra money. That way, indirectly I can travel more and eat more so you have something to read hahaha…

Besides, PPP has a set of rule for us to stick to. Not only that, you will only be given the opportunities to write about what you love instead of something you don’t. At the same time, you are able to discover a lot of interesting and useful sites. If it interests you, this means it will interest your readers too else why do you think they read your blog? Duh~ Next time, PPP will even have real products for posties to review such as cars. So cool right? However, I doubt that I will have the chance to review those unless there are Malaysia’s advertisers jumping on PPP bandwagon. Even if it’s in Malaysia, chances are they are only available in KL.

Ok… Enough of that. Do attend PostieCon 07 if you can. It’s a good opportunity. Talking so much about it, you must be wondering where it will be held. Details below:

The Ballroom at Church Street
225 S. Garland Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
PHONE: (407) 420-9091
Date: 1-2 June, 2007(WOW… It’s Gawai! Public holiday! :P)
Visit PostieCon for more details.

GO! GO! GO! Wanna sponsor me to go? Hehehe…

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