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Bifesta Cleansing Sheet Brightup

September 27th, 2018 · Nobody Surrendered

I was having a traveling spree the past 4 months. I’m trying to pack as light as I can. I decided to get cleaning sheet for my travel as it is more convenient. There is no need for liquid in bottle and cotton pads to remove makeup or sunscreen on the face. I can easily bring it on the plane and cleanse my face without the need of fiddling with a bottle of liquid while in the seat or toilet on a long haul flight.

I bought Bifesta Cleansing Sheet Brightup(less than RM30 after discount) because the claim that it can cleanse without the need of second cleansing and at the same time can moisturize and brighten the face, all in one with just the cleansing sheet.

This packet consists of 46 sheets. It’s sealed to ensure the sheets are not exposed to pollutant before it’s being used. The sheets are generously soaked in cleansing water. The size is approximately 150mmx200mm and each contains about 5.9ml of cleansing water.

I quite like it because it is very soft, the sheet is wet enough(I’ve tried a well-known brand before, the sheet was so dry and rough), it could remove even the most stubborn mascara easily, and there is no need for hard rubbing. Even though there is no need for double cleansing and oen can go straight to sleep after that, I still do double cleansing if I’m at home or in the hotel and then proceed with my usual skincare routine; or just clean my face with water and apply moisturizer when I’m on the road. I don’t quite like the after-feel on my face, leaving a layer of sticky film. I don’t like the smell when it’s taken out from the packet because it smells like alcohol. I guess it’s because of the lactic acid (dead cell softener) and Bis-glyceryl Ascorbate (Vitamin C) in it.

By the the way, be careful when you are using it to remove your eye makeup, it stingssssss…

I would suggest that you pack it in a zip lock bag when you travel once it’s opened because the liquid can seep through the opening. My makeup bag was wet after I arrived at the destination. Even though quite a lot of liquid seeped out, the content is still very moist. You can imagine how much cleansing water it’s packed in there. I’m still using it till this day, it’s been 4 months! No sign of it drying up.

Will I repurchase? I will likely try the other two types, Moist and Enrich. All the not-so-positive things I’ve mentioned earlier are not really a big deal to me. It works really well and didn’t wreck havoc on my skin.

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