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A Quick Visit to Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City UNESCO World Heritage Site

December 18th, 2018 · Nobody Surrendered

Before we head to the next destination, we did a quick stop at Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a riverside location in the city centre of Liverpool, England. We all know Liverpool when mention football, this time I had the opportunity to visit Liverpool not for the football though.

Source of Wikipedia:

It is part of the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was inscribed in 2004. As well as a collection of landmark buildings, recreational open space, and a number of memorials, the Pier Head was (and for some traffic still is) the landing site for passenger ships traveling to and from the city.

It’s definitely a must-visit for tourists, so many of them! Even coming in bus load of them.

Left: Royal Liver Building, the most recognizable landmark in Liverpool. It was the tallest in the United Kingdom from 1911 to 1961. Truth to be told, I didn’t even know all these landmarks until I’m doing this blog post hahaha!! You can imagine how carefree I was, didn’t even care where we visit and what’s around. No prior research was done too. Was just tagging along.

Right: When you’re there, you will see the The Wheel of Liverpool with the height of 60m. It is also known as the Echo Wheel of Liverpool due to its close proximity to the Echo Arena Liverpool.

The Royal Albert Dock Liverpool is a complex of dock buildings and warehouses. This is the first structure in Britain to be built from cast iron, brick and stone, with no structural wood.

In other words, it was the first non-combustible warehouse system in the world. WOW! Ok… WOW! Now I know… I didn’t know at all when I was there. Hahaha… Look what we found?!?! The portrait of The Beatles made with jellybeans!

This is parts of the surroundings. No idea what are those buildings LOL!!

Left: Love The Beatles, then you should visit The Beatles Story where you can learn all about the Beatles and their history.

Right: The Beatles Statue is surely one of the most photographed statue in Liverpool hahaha… So many people! I didn’t take a photo with them, just too many people waiting for their turn.

Look! A huge cat! You will surely spot this sculpture there. It’s known as the Ship’s Cat. It is entirely made out of milk bottles by Faith Bebbington. Actually there’s also Super Rat sculpture nearby too but I didn’t take the photo because of the angle and people around blocking it too.

Lastly, Museum of Liverpool can be seen on the left of this photo. Didn’t visit though, just quick stop for toilet break at one of the nearest buildings and take photos of The Beatles statue.

In fact there’s a lot more to see in this area but we do not have the luxury of time for that. Would recommend you to stay nearby if you do not drive. Many accommodations around the area too.

Still a long way to go to complete my July trip… Guess it will stretch till 2019 hahaha… Osaka trip in August still in queue…

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