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Maybelline Color Sensational Diamond Shadow

January 3rd, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

My usual eye shadow from Kate had ran out and I decided to give Maybelline Color Sensational Diamond Shadow a try. I bought it when it was on sale. Since it’s very affordable to me, it was less than RM25 if I recall correctly, original price was almost RM40(roughly about that, it was over half year ago). This is currently my primary eye shadow (as if I have others *LOL*). It’s very versatile that it can be use day and night.

There were 4 colours to choose from but knowing me, I will certainly go for earth tone which is the best shade to go with anything and quite foolproof. So I went for Topaz Gold.

It has amazing texture with three hues of pearl powder, one glitter and one matte powder to exclusively highlight your eyes. It is perfect to add just the right amount of glitter to make your eyes shine.* The top coat is made with micro crushed pearls to give that alluring 3D finish. The eye shadow is available in 4 different pallete colors; tourmaline purple, rose quartz pink, sapphire blue and topaz gold.

It was very easy to glide on and there is no powder or shimmers/glitters that would fall all over your face. Colours are very pigmented and smooth.

From left-right: liner colour, contour colour, lid colour, base, and top coat.

The base and top coat seems to be the same, pardon my lighting hahaha… You can refer to the photo above which is in the box, the top left corner is the base. Strangely, I was expecting the base to have more than the top coat. Anyway, a lot of time I would just use the top coat only when I’m too lazy. Using it on its own can give the eyelid a bit of dimension without over the top effect. At first I was quite worry that this pallete can be too shiny for day use but it’s not. The colours are buildable. If you want more shine, use the top coat as the base instead of the base colour then topped the too coat on the lid again at the last step.

See… It’s not that shiny really… Left side is with lid colour while right side is with contour colour, can use them on its own. Use both together and you will get gradient effect. You can apply the base colour to your brow bone.

There you go, the finished looked. My eyes were not big and quite flat but some how after using this eye shadow, it looked as if I have very big and defined eyes. The top coat with micro crushed pearls is definitely working its magic to give my eyes the dimension. Not too much, quite subtle.

I did not use any mascara or eyeliner though. Just this pallete only. It lasted me the whole day without smudging or creasing on me. Even if it does, this colour won’t tell people that you smudged your eyeshadow hahaha…

I do recommend this eye shadow if you don’t want to break your bank and want something foolproof.

You can purchase it in Hermo with my referral link as they are having discount now at less than RM30 🙂

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