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First Experience with Emirates

February 15th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

We flew with Emirates in July 2018 to the UK. From Kuching to Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines, then from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai to Newcastle with Emirates. It’s my first time transiting in Dubai International Airport.

We had plenty of time there and we came across ice cream carts!! FREE ice cream with compliments from Emirates in conjunction with summer travel period between 15 June to 31 August 2018 at Terminal 3 departure and transit areas. Oh my! It was such a surprise. There were so many flavours to choose and I went for Mango Sorbet, very refreshing. We also tried the lemon Sorbet and it was SOUR, seriously sour!! Hahaha… Vanilla was just vanilla ;p

The ice cream, Emperor, is only served in premium classes on selected flights to Europe and the UK, and in the seven Emirates lounges at Dubai International Airport. It was great to be able to taste them at the airport because there is no way I could have access to the premium classes and the lounges.

Ok, now onto the plane. It’s not an extensive review, just in general based on my own experience. I was surprised to be greeted by air stewardesses with glasses! That sure was something that I didn’t expect. It’s pretty cool though because the air in the plane is dry and long hours of contact lens usage will hurt your eyes in long run. This is obvious that they do care for their crews’ well-being. My experience with them was good except one air steward who forgot about my instant noodle hahaha… But I don’t blame him, he was so busy tending to many other guests with all sort of requests.

It’s my first experience with Emirates A380. Look at the food! It’s been quite awhile not getting different type of airline food. I really have enough of nasi lemak or chicken rice or noodle *LOL* Those of you who always fly with our national carrier will surely have the same feeling hahaha…

Left: Even the cutlery! Not plastic! Imagine how suaku I was when I saw it, it’s been a long time not seeing such utensils inflight especially in economy class 😛 oh well… I’ve never flown other classes that’s why so suaku.

Right: Seriously, not many airlines served instant noodle hehehe… OMG! Instant noodle just tasted so good inflight! When I saw this on the menu, I was determined to order it after breakfast was served haha… I dislike the breakfast served… If not mistaken it’s some cold sandwich which I only had a bite ;p Anyway, I guess the instant noodle was only available on the flight to Malaysia or Asian countries.

For the leg room, I was on A380, the width and legroom was quite comfortable for me. It’s by far the spacious of all the other airlines I’ve flown. The toilet was well-equipped too.

Overall, I’m glad I’ve experienced the service of Emirates. It’s my first time and also the first middle eastern airline that I’ve experienced, I’m impressed. In fact, I did consider going to their cabin crew interview back then when they conducted it in Kuching hahaha… Anyway, it didn’t happen hehehe…

Finally! Done my UK trip post!! On to Japan trip posts soon!!!

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