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Althea Makeup Swatches (Concealer, Lip Tint, Eyeshow Palette, Eye Glitter) & Gradient Lips & Peach Blossom Look Tutorial

February 19th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

So excited to receive a whole box of Althea makeup range just before Chinese New Year. Let’s see what’s in the box, Click to play the video…

Here’s my reviews of the makeup:

🌺Flawless Creamy Concealer (RM15.00) – Surprisingly didn’t get stuck in my fine lines, not drying or cakey. Lasting over 8 hours and still not a problem until the end of the day, not drying too. It melts so well into the skin. Coverage is medium, you have to build it up though. For my skin colour, #02 Ginger suits me better. The rest I used them for highlight and contour.

🌺Watercolor Cream Tint (RM20.00) – Honeydew scented, quite bold, pigmented, and have pretty sheen. Colour is nice. My lips can never agree with any gloss, lipstick, or tint because my lips will peel or flake after few hours. Hence I haven’t own any of these products for over 10 years. I only use lip balm of specific brand. Sadly this too 😣 The only way for me to fix the problem is to apply very think layer, leave it for 15 minutes, then gently wash it off with water just living the tint there. Next, top it with my usual lip balm. That would do the trick. I love Peach Cream #03 and Strawberry Cream #02.

🌺Spotlight Eye Glitter (RM24.00) – Love this, not over the top. Can use it on its own or line your lash line or at any place you like to have a little glitter. It’s buildable.

🌺Sunrise Moonrise BCL X Althea Korea Eyeshadow Palette (RM140.00) – Pigmented, creamy, awesome colours! Long lasting!

Here’s the swatches, click on the arrow to view all the swatches…

The photos below are the lip tints I applied on my lips. Click the small arrow to see the other colours. I applied them in full and in gradient.

It’s simple to do gradient lips. My lazy way, just dot the lip tint to the inner centre of your lips, spread the colour in the inner centre in left-right motion with your finger to make sure that it is well-blend and bring the colour outward to the rest of your lips for the gradient effect👄

Ok… Now I’m going to share how I do the Peach Blossom look for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s.

The concealers were used for conceal, highlight, and contour.

I used Strawberry Cream #02 for my lips and also as blusher. I just applied whatever product left on my finger after I did the lips on my cheeks, just dab and blend it.

For the eyelids, I used Sunrise Moonrise BCL X Althea Korea Eyeshadow Palette.

Shiny cream(1) for the base and a bit on the brow bone for highlight.
Maroon(6) for half of the outer lid.
Shiny Pink(7) for the inner half of the lid.
Gold(4) to dab in the middle of the lid.

After that, I applied Spotlight Eye Glitter in Gold to line the lower waterline of my eyes, smudged it at the inner corner of my eyes too. Pardon the colour difference because of the lighting and also different camera used.

Final look without mascara and eyeliner.

It’s hard for me to show the colours when I open my eyes because my double eyelids are pretty much hidden most of the time hahaha… Hence, I applied the colour all the way above the lid instead of just inside the lid.

The actual colour should be looking like the picture above with my lid being numbered. That’s why I called it peach blossom because the colours are similar to the flower’s colour.

If you would like to get these, you can get them from Althea. Here’s my referral link(https://share-my.althea.kr/x/QcpHWU) if you don’t mind.

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