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Hotel WBF Kitasemba East, Osaka | Served Us Free Ramen!!

April 21st, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

If you are wondering where to stay in Osaka, you can check out Hotel WBF Kitasemba East(2-6-8 Awajimachi, Chuo, Umeda, Osaka, Japan, 541-0047). I won’t say it is a cheap place to stay(price range between RM250-RM350 in general based on various OTAs listing), just happened that we stayed there when they just opened for business(summer 2018) so we managed to get a cheaper rate and we were sharing. Hence, it was within our budget. This is a 3-star hotel.

I won’t say it is very convenient(compare with the place we stayed in Shinsekai), no tourist attractions nearby, quite hard to locate but what’s more can you ask for when you have a budget to take care of? At least it’s new, modern, comfortable, and en-suite. Just a bit more walk needed to reach the hotel from Kitahama Subway Station(580m).

Room is small(what do you expect from Japan? hahaha…) but well-equipped. Quite comfortable. Free Wi-Fi provided. There were even pyjamas for us! I didn’t wear haha… Too big for me and kind of icky la

Oh, they even provide bottles of various popular Japanese brands shower gel, shampoo and conditioner next to the reception counter if you want to try them out. Feel free to get them for your use during your stay. We just used whatever in the room and they’re quite good, the brand was Pola. The shampoo and conditioner were great! Hair was so soft and easy to manage after using it.

Coffee and tea making facilities are provided and it’s stored inside the cupboard under the table.

There’s even air purifier machine and spray for your shoes to get rid of odour.

We wanted to bring the free smartphone out to use to navigate the city but we gave up *LOL* using our own phone with pocket WiFi was so much easier.

We were also given with lounge pass when we signed up the hotel’s membership programme. As a token of appreciation, we were given with a bottle of water, a packet of coffee and trial pack of skincare product(makeup remover, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer). Strangely, I didn’t take photo of it hmm… Too tired I guess.

You can access the dining area and savour the snacks and drinks in there.

Left: These sweets and snacks were provided in the dining area.
Right: Free ramen provided to guests nightly.

We were so excited with the free ramen served nightly at 9pm(I hope I recall the time correctly hahaha…). The ramen was really awesome! I’m not sure they still do that now though because this trip happened in August 2018 😀 We stayed there for 3 nights(or is it 4 night? Hahaha… Seriously I can’t remember anymore!!) Anyway, we had two different types of pork ramen as shown in this post. Different flavour each night but safe to say only two flavours available. It depends on your luck. Each guest is only entitled to one bowl.

We did not get the room with breakfast because of the price and heard that the choice wasn’t much too. We just settled our breakfast at nearby convenience stores.

Overall, the stay was pleasant. If you don’t mind the location, you can stay here. Staff were friendly and helpful and most can speak Mandarin because they are Chinese.

Check out the hotel rate or for other hotels in Osaka from Traveloka.

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