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Bloom like A’bloom @ Althea & [Vlog] Ep. 9: What’s Inside? – A’bloom Unbox & Overview

May 6th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

It was such an exciting news that Althea was going to introduce its new range of products in April!! Was waiting for it for sooo long and finally they revealed it! Being one of the Angels, I was fortunate enough to be sent with a box of cute and awesome products called A’bloom!!! Here’s my unboxing video:

First, it’s the A’bloom Refreshing Skin Masks Pack, look how cute they are!

It comes in 4 variants namely Water-Me-Long(Watermelon for moisture), Avo-Cuddle-Me(Avocado for nourishment), Sparkle-Me-Bright(Lemon Lime for whitening), AC-Me-Peach(Peach for anti-blemishes).

I tell you! It’s so different from the usual sheet mask that’s I’ve tried before. I’m not quite a sheet mask girl but being given with so many as gifts, I have no choice but to use them, otherwise wasted, ok?!? Why I don’t like sheet mask? That’s because it is so messy, it drips everywhere, my face is just too small to fit those huge masks! I dislike the after-feel of the stickiness that left behind after taking off and massage it in. Normally, I would wash them off after I felt that my skin had absorbed enough of the goodness and it can no longer take in anymore.

The A’bloom sheet mask is so thin! I accidentally ripped one of them a little, a bit hard to spread it out, it will be better for the mask to sit on a layer of ‘foil/plastic’ like other brands that produce very thin mask(you know what I meant?) for easy removal and application hahaha…

The good thing is that the essence doesn’t drip everywhere at all so you don’t have to worry about such problem while you try to spread the mask to your face. The texture of the essence is not watery at all, it’s between water, gel and jelly. Really don’t know how to explain. Hahaha…

It adheres nicely to my face, not worrying about it sliding down, no feeling of discomfort because some mask could make you feel like your skin cannot breath while having it on. The size… Hahaha… Still a little bit too big for me. Cannot blame them ok?!? My face is just smaller than usual *LOL* The smell is very subtle. I really love how my skin felt after using it albeit still feeling sticky after taking it off and massaging it in. As usual, I’ll wash the remaining essence off and followed with my usual skincare routine to seal the goodness into the skin.

The price? Only RM2/piece but go get a pack of 10 instead for better deal for only RM15!!!

Next, it’s the Meringue Puff!! OMG! It looks so cute and delicious!!

It has two sizes, Giant Meringue Puff(RM8) and Baby Meringue Puff(RM11).

You see how the size changed after soaking it into the water? I used the baby puff so that you can see the comparison. I’ve shared it on my Instagram, check it out…

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The vlog footage that I managed to transfer before my SD Card died on me… Supposed to do a vlog for it, guess we'll just stick to my blog (http://sweetsurrender.99.com.my). . The A'Bloom Meringue Puff is so soft! It expands so much after I wet it. Can imagine the size of the giant one when it's wet haha… It's gonna be big! Mind you, this is my first time applying makeup with a puff. I found it easier to use when it is wet. Quite foolproof when it's wet. Not easy to use when it's dry. For my face, the wet Baby Meringue Puff is just the right size for me. Great that it comes in a box of three. Only RM11. Get them now at @altheakorea and you will get a free phone grip!! . Don't forget to change your puff after 3 months of usage. In between, do wash it! Hence, I felt that the baby puff is more suitable and more cost effective for me 😗 . #altheaangels #altheaabloom #altheakorea #makeuppuff #meringue #beautyreview #beautyproducts #lifestyleblogger #kbeauty #sarawakbloggers #makeuptime💄 #makeuptipsandtricks

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Last but not least! A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster which is selling at RM16.00.

The stick contains natural ingredients namely natural BHA ingredients(deeply cleanse the pores and exfoliate dead skin cells), apricot seed powder(remove excessive sebum), charcoal(absorb dirt in the pores), and tea tree leaf oil(soothe your skin).

It is easy to use. Just dampened your skin, apply the stick directly on targeted areas and massage in circular motions for 30 seconds. After that, rinse off with water. Make sure you remove your makeup first before doing so.

I found it having cooling effect on my skin due to the tea tree leaf oil. No irritation at all. It is so gentle that you can use it daily but I personally won’t do that. Just me, I will use it maybe 2 to 3 times a week. I don’t see much improvements to my blackhead problem but my nose does feel smoother after using it. Do not expect things will happen overnight, you need to give it more time and use it religiously for it to be effective. I would say, no harm to try, I know many people tried similar products but many said it’s not effective. Anyway, with the price, it isn’t over the top so you won’t feel much heartache if it doesn’t work on you.

You can get them by using my referral link (https://share-my.althea.kr/x/pNUIYA) if you don’t mind. If you are new to Althea, you will get 20% off on your first purchase.

Before I end this post, I’m so happy to announce that I did not loss any footage for this vlog!!! YAY! Here’s my vlog. Pardon my sour face in the video hahaha! I don’t know why I looked like that! 😀 I think it was because of the sun which shone into my eyes hahaha…

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