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[Vlog] Ep. 10: How to Upload Photo from Computer to Instagram (Google Chrome)

May 18th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

My SD card was corrupted few weeks back and all my photos are gone but good thing I have a backup in my computer. So, I was wondering how I can upload photo from my computer to my Instagram without using a mobile device. I did a search on the Net and found out that it is easy. I decided to make tutorial video of my own to share it with you 😉

Sorry guys if some of you couldn’t get it to work, I forgot to add in one more step. Mine works because I’ve been using this feature for other things and it’s already set that way, that’s why. Here you go… Make sure you press the “Toggle device toolbar”(the little icon with two rectangular thinggy above all the codes, at the left side of the “Elements” button) or press Ctrl+Shift+M to get the UPLOAD button at the bottom and the toolbar for device emulation and zoom in/out. Remember to refresh it again.

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