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Ely & Cindy Wedding Invitation

November 23rd, 2006 · Nobody Surrendered

30.9.2006, I attended their registration. Now the long awaited “BOMB” is here 😛 As we need to prepare “ang pao”(red packet that contain money) for the couple when attending their wedding dinner at Thian Court on 25th November 2006.

That morning they will have their custom wedding ceremony. Hmm… I might tag along to be the busybody again as Jimmy will be the one filming the ceremony. Then I will be the one to take photos for our blogs update. *LOL* Well, only if I’m hardworking enough to wake up at 4am(I’m a girl 😛 I need time to prepare) as we have to be at the groom’s house before 5.30am because he has to leave his house at 5.30am to the bride’s house. Don’t you think you are the much luckier, Ann? Hehehe… they are so much earlier than yours. Judging from the timing, I took the calender and noticed that the bride must be out of here house before 7am!! This is because there aren’t any good time after 7am until almost noon but people would prefer the earliest time possible because the possibility of coming across funeral entourage on the way to and fro the couple’s house is nil.

It’s not hard. Hehehe… as long that you have a Chinese calender(you know those daily calender with so many Chinese words), know how to read Chinese and know the words they used, then you can grasp it easily hehehe… It’s all stated in the calender already, you don’t need to be “God” to decipher them. However, don’t ask me about those 8 birth numbers to calculate the compatibility and so on, I have totally no idea and don’t believe in any of these at all. You won’t get all these in my wedding, I will fight for it no matter what! I’ll make sure I brain-wash my husband-to-be first so that we can fight together *LOL*

OK… Back to the invitation card, here’s the card, the one above is the envelop:

The card looked pretty nice though it uses red and gold, very typical chinese colour. Maybe the design is very simple and clean, that’s why. As for the envelopes, they print them themselves. The original envelopes are just plain pink envelopes. Every envelope has different design. I don’t have them but you can see it from here. See the left corner of the envelope? It’s done by Alysha.
They personalised everyone of them. Every envelope has different printing at the back. See the toppest photo on the right, they have it printed on every envelope and everyone of them is different. No duplicate! For example, my table is E2, they list the other 9 guests’ names there except mine. So everyone will not have their name at the back of the envelope. WOW! Lots of time, energy, works and concentrations needed!

Here… I did this(the design/photo arrangement) for them 😛 I’m Just being busybody again LOL!

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