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Go to Sleep with Club Cosme Suppin Powder

September 18th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

People have been raving about Club Cosme Suppin Powder for years. I saw it in Taiwan in 2017, almost bought it. Then, in 2018, saw it in Japan again, so decided to get it. It is said that you can wear it to sleep, no need makeup remover, just wash your face as you usually do in the morning.

This facial pressed powder’s key functions are reduce the size of open pores, to brighten & reduce face oiliness. It has Hyaluronic acid and collagen that moisturize skin and improve skin texture.

It can let you achieve that no-makeup look. So far, I never use it to bed because I just cannot bring myself to do it *LOL* even though it stated that it is not makeup but skincare product.

I do use it when I go out at night as my face powder instead of using the day-time face powder with UV protection. When I reached home, I will remove it with makeup remover. To be fair, that’s because I did apply blusher, highlighter, and draw my brow, hence makeup removal is a must to do.

When I do my video recording, when I’m just too lazy to put on full makeup, I would use this powder too. It can give you that smooth skin effect on camera without the need of filter ;p

The puff is huge and soft! I really like the puff. The smell is a bit too strong though. If only it is fragrance free. Do not throw away the layer of plastic separating the powder and the puff so that you can keep the product clean for longer.

The powder is not exactly transparent. If you have darker skin, it will show. Only suitable for those with fair skin.

I’m pretty much sitting on the fence on this. It does work in reduce oiliness, reduce the look of pores, and brighten the skin but the smell is just too overwhelming.

In summary, I don’t use it daily. Only use it when I go out at night and when I’m too lazy to do full makeup for my video recording. I don’t use it during the day because there is no UV protection ingredients in it. If you want to use it during the day, make sure you apply sunscreen before that. Ensure your eye area too are protected from harmful UV ray.

Should you buy? It’s really up to you. No harm to try it out. If not mistaken, it’s available in Watsons now.

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