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[Vlog] Where to Shop and What to Buy In Osaka, Japan

October 2nd, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

1. Daiso Malaysia is selling RM5.90 per item, not RM5.60. Obviously I haven’t shop there for ages šŸ˜›
2. Typo… Should be “Lindt” not “Lintd” (hahaha…)

Before I start my first part of my new series, Kansai Prefecture Tripping, I’m going to share my Osaka haul in August. What you see here are what I had brought home. I did buy a lot more but I had already consumed them when I was there.

Total spent: Approximately JPĀ„16900 (Approximately RM676)

*The ‘fish’ in the last part of the video will be in my future video. I’ve totally forgotten all about it

Stay tuned to my new series šŸ™‚ I hope you can subscribe to my YouTube channel(https://bit.ly/lovebellbelle), pretty pleaseeee…


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