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Day 5: A Half Day Trip to Otsu Nagisa Lakeside Park, Shiga

November 25th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

Our trip was to set foot on each prefecture of Kansai. When we came across Shiga, it was hard to make decision because there isn’t anything nearby with easy access. Almost all you need to take different mode of transport and travel time can be long. Since we only have one day, we decided to just go to the public park called Otsu Nagisa Lakeside Park where we will get to see the largest freshwater lake in Japan, Lake Biwa. It covers a large area of the city, so no matter which side of Shiga you’re at, you will definitely get to experience the lake, the only different is the kind of environment you will be in when you take a glimpse and experience the lake.

So… Our plan was to locate the nearest station near the lake, doesn’t matter where, as long that we can be at the lake. After much research, this park is the easiest to reach without needing other mode of transport. The official website did mention that it is just 10 minutes walk from JR Biwako Line Otsu Station but some how it took us longer… Maybe because of the heat and we were trying to navigate the place. However, based on Google map, we had to come to this small station called the Keihan Railway Shimanoseki Station to reach our destination.

It wasn’t that straight forward, we still need to walk quite a fair bit. It was already noon and we decided to grab lunch along the way. Luckily we came Seibu Otsu Store(2 Chome-3-1 Nionohama, Otsu, Shiga 520-0801, Japan) while we were on the way to the park. We need to get out of the heat and find food. The photo is not Seibu Otsu Store, it’s just some buildings opposite the Keihan Railway Shimanoseki Station station.

Otsu Nagisa Lakeside Park is a public park. It was quite windy when we were there. I was thinking of going near the water to touch the water but at the end I did not because I chickened out hahaha…

It’s a big lake indeed. I can’t really find much info on this lake. Well… Let’s just put it as a waterfront or public park where locals will spend their time here enjoying the breeze and the view. Saw people fish here too.

I figured those are the hotels and attractions nearer to the city where many tourists will be hanging around. We didn’t see any foreigners at this park.

It’s just so quiet.

We didn’t spend too long of our time here. We had achieved our objective, Shiga, done! Since the sky was turning grey, we decided to make a move to Kyoto to visit the Nishiki Market before it closes. This will be in my next post or you can check out my day 5 travel vlog here…


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