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Unbox Starbucks Malaysia Planner 2015-2020 | Kuching’s Last Starbucks Planner 2020 Siren Edition

December 30th, 2019 · Nobody Surrendered

Before we welcome 2020, how many of you had redeemed your Starbucks planner? I was fortunate enough to get the limited edition of Starbucks Malaysia 2020 Planner, the Siren Edition. I was told that what I’m having is the last one in not just Kuching but Sarawak! WOW! What an honour to have it.

I was thinking of just doing the unboxing of the 2020 planner but decided to do something more… Unbox those from 2015 to 2019 as well. Truth to be told, some of them were not completely unboxed by me, they were still in their original packaging. For this video, I finally unbox them completely hahaha… What a sacrifice for the sake of content ;p

Hope you enjoy this video. Cheers!

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