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My Experience with 5D Diamond Embroidery (Diamond Painting)

February 19th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

I’ve been wanting to post about this since 2018 and guess what?!?! I’ve totally forgotten about publishing hahaha…

If you have noticed back in 2018(doubt you even remember or have seen it, it’s 2020 now!), I’ve been making quite a few 5D diamond embroideries and shared it on my social media accounts(Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). Many people were wondering about it, it looked fun and they would love to try.

Let me share my experience with you. The key components of the embroidery set made up of:

1. A canvas with your preferred image, the areas to stick the resin diamonds are sticky.
2. Packs of resin diamonds for you to stick on the canvas.
3. A tray for you to pour the resin diamond when you work on the canvas.
4. A drill with a piece of sticky patch for you to pick up the resin diamond so that you can easily fill the canvas with it.

It’s not hard to do, all you need it a lot of patience and time. It is pretty addictive too once you got the hang of it.

What you need to bear in mind is to make sure you don’t soil the sticky area, otherwise the resin diamonds will not stick. Normally I did it by colour rather than by area. Do not remove the layer of plastic completely, only reveal the part where you want to work with. Cover the plastic back after you’re done with the part so that those area that you’ve not work on will still stay sticky. Don’t rest anything or even your arm or wrist on the sticky part.

So far, I did 5 already. Framed them up too.

Try it out if you want to. Not too expensive when you buy it online. It’s so much easier than cross-stich. No need to tinker with needle and it’s safe for children too. Just like colouring except you colour with resin diamonds. Here’s what I’ve done over the 7 months of 2018 hehehe…

By the way, I’ve stopped doing it already. I’ve given my last set to a friend as birthday present because I just can’t find time to do it anymore(just an excuse ;p). It can really take up your whole day doing it and continue on for days! The fun and enthusiasm will be gone if I can’t glue myself to it for hours and days. Once I got it all done, aside from feeling accomplished, I would feel guilty because I spent too much time on it. At least I’ve done 5 ;p You really need to control yourself and manage your time when you want to do this.

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