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First Outing After Almost 3 Weeks Staying Home but It’s only Day 10 of MCO

March 28th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Finally… Yesterday, I had to go out to get essentials as things were running low. My first time wearing a mask… Don’t like it!

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First outing after staying home for 3 weeks plus 😅 today is #day10 of #movementcontrolorder and I need to get essentials because stock is running low. First time in my life wear a mask 😑 it sucks big time, few times I felt like I'm out of air when I was in areas where the air conditioning wasn't cold enough… Imagine those frontliners who need to wear it the whole time at work without air-conditioning in PPE some more. I was only wearing it for less than 2 hours and couldn't wait to remove it 😣 Better #stayathome people… Let's work together so that life can go back to normal. Don't add on to the statistics and burden the frontliners. . #wecandoit #mco #day10 #groceryshopping #stayhome #wearmask #staysafe #dudukrumah #dudukrumahdiamdiam #beresponsible

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Here, I’m going to share some stories yesterday when I went to restock some food items at a supermarket in a shopping mall…

At the weighing counter, there’s one lady stood behind me with mask on, breathing heavily, stood so near to me, sooo near! Gave me a shock! -.-” Hello aunty… Social distancing la! Need to stand so near meh until I can even hear you breath! Not even an arm length. I had to move away so that I won’t be standing too close to her.

This lady… Came in gloves, with sponge mask, wore glasses, and wore a medical scrub with shorts and Fitflop. At first glance, I thought maybe she’s a medical professional but when I saw her gloves and mask… Nuh.. Obviously, she’s not! I rolled my eyes, didn’t care, continued with my shopping. When I want to check-out, what luck, met her again at the same counter. While she’s waiting for her turn, I rolled my eyes even more *LOL* holding her purse and credit card with her gloved hands, use her hands to push her glasses, swept her hair away from her face, and adjusted the front part her mask. Then when make payment, keyed in pin number, of course with gloves on. I rolled my eyes again. Guess my eyes exercised a lot in a span of 45 minutes yesterday ;p

I asked the staff of the supermarket is there any Dettol left, he told me, “Tak ada, dah habis, body wash banyak!” *LOL* OK… I responded, “Yalah… Nampak banyak body wash tapi antiseptic solutions pula tak nampak, that’s why ask you, I fikir I salah tengok.”, then we laughed.

A lot of remote shoppers haha… Be it male or female. Pretty amusing. Holding their phones showing the other end what to get 😀

Now that the MCO is extended… Wonder when will be my next outing to buy essentials again hmmm… I hope what I bought is enough to last us for at least 1 1/2 weeks. Going out during this time is such a hassle -.-” Gosh… Hope it will end soon. However… I have this feeling that it might be extended some more with many from overseas coming back. GAH! Whatever…

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