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Chiak Hong, Kay Leng Kay Si – Sarawak Chinese Slang

May 2nd, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Two new slangs for the week. How have you’ve been holding on? It’s day 46, can’t go chiak hong and don’t kay leng kay si go out as you like.

However, the government had announced that 4th May will allow almost all business to open. What do you think? Well… It’s a bad idea but what to do? They said it’s for the economy. What we little peanuts can do? They are the boss. We just stay at home and don’t go out unnecessarily so that we don’t be part of the statistics.

I know many are eager to get back to work but do you know the consequences? Just make sure you check all the terms and conditions. Make sure you have the means to cover the expenditure that will be incurred if your staff is infected be it from work or somewhere else, it will be your responsibility, you are also responsible for the family too(that’s what I understand from going through the terms and conditions, I might be wrong, hence you need to be sure about it. I’m nobody, I am not an employer nor an employee). You can gamble it, it’s up to you but one thing for sure if you don’t have the means to cover those expenditures, likely you’ll lost your business overnight for having one staff tested positive. So please check the terms and conditions first and weigh the pros and cons. May the force be with you.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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