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No More MCO4 but MCO5

May 4th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

So… Before MCO4 even ended, we suddenly gone into MCO5. Many businesses can now open for business. Many people will be going back to work. What do you think? Is this the right move?

Whatever it is, do your own part. If you are not comfortable opening for business, then don’t; if you are afraid of crowd, then don’t go to crowded place; if you are not comfortable dining in, then don’t! It’s up to yourself to self-regulate. However, come to think of it, businesses are operating, they will need customers, if everyone staying at home, not going out to give them business, they will not have enough to cover their overhead at all. So how? Like this also problem, like that also problem.

Aside from that, business should take the SOP seriously because if one of your staff is tested positive, you will be responsible for sanitizing all the relevant areas that the authority wants you to sanitize and whoever that are affected by the positive staff will be under your responsibility. Remember that the amount you need is not just sanitizing your premise, you might be required to sanitize the areas around you, that will cost a lot! You will need to make sure you have enough to cover such unfortunate event. Otherwise, you’ll be in deep trouble if you don’t because I’m sure your sales for the day will not be able even cover those cost furthermore you will be instructed to close for business for a period of time too.

For the rest who are still staying at home or have nothing important to do out there, just stay at home. Those who need to go to work, keep yourself safe and follow the SOP, no crowded place, no confined place, and no close conversation. Frankly… Not that possible but just try your best to avoid.

Oh! Now you can have 4 people from the same house to travel in car. Can go out shopping for the whole family.

Till then, take care!

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