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ASMR Unbox & Cook Halal Nissin Ramen Uma-Kara Spicy Rich Fiery Broth & Tokyo Shoyu Premium Bonito Blend

July 9th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Just found out I did not post my ASMR halal ramen unboxing video here. After I posted the first video, few days later, MCO kicked in. Here I have two that I bought from AEON earlier this year. If you would like to try it out, I would recommend these two. Uma-Kara Spicy Rich Fiery Broth and Tokyo Shoyu Premium Bonito Blend. The former is great for those who love heat and spice while the latter isn’t spicy. My tip is that do not follow the amount of water suggested for the broth, it will be tasteless. Just use half of the suggested amount or less. Do adjust it to your preference.

We are still in RMCO, today is day 114 of MCO, still have a long way to go. Hope all of you are well and stay vigilant.

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